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Yi Cui
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A distribution level wide area monitoring system for the electric power grid–FNET/GridEye
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An updated model to determine the life remaining of transformer insulation
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Source location identification of distribution-level electric network frequency signals at multiple geographic scales
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Moisture Dependent Thermal Modelling of Power Transformer
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GPS signal loss in the wide area monitoring system: Prevalence, impact, and solution
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Investigation of Feature Selection Techniques for Power Transformer Insulation Condition Assessment
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Study on characterization of electrical contact between pantograph and catenary
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Statistical analysis of the FNET/grideye-detected inter-area oscillations in Eastern Interconnection (EI)
L Wu, S You, X Zhang, Y Cui, Y Liu, Y Liu
2017 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting, 1-5, 2017
Impacts of power grid frequency deviation on time error of synchronous electric clock and worldwide power system practices on time error correction
Y Zhang, W Yao, S You, W Yu, L Wu, Y Cui, Y Liu
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The pantograph-catenary arc test system for high-speed railways
WG Wang, GN Wu, GQ Gao, B Wang, Y Cui, DL Liu
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Improvement of power transformer insulation diagnosis using oil characteristics data preprocessed by smoteboost technique
Y Cui, H Ma, T Saha
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FNET/GridEye for Future High Renewable Power Grids—Applications Overview
S You, J Zhao, W Yao, Y Liu, Y Cui, L Wu, J Guo, Y Liu
2018 IEEE PES Transmission & Distribution Conference and Exhibition-Latin …, 2018
Recent application examples of FNET/GridEye
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2018 IEEE 12th International Conference on Compatibility, Power Electronics …, 2018
Numerical and experimental validation of variation of power transformers’ thermal time constants with load factor
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Understanding Moisture Dynamics and Its Effect on Dielectric Response of Transformer Insulation
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Experimental study of electrical characteristics on pantograph arcing
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Life estimation techniques for transformer insulation
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A measurement source authentication methodology for power system cyber security enhancement
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Multi-physics modelling approach for investigation of moisture dynamics in power transformers
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