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Multilocus phylogeny reveals Gibsmithia hawaiiensis (Dumontiaceae, Rhodophyta) to be a species complex from the Indo-Pacific, with the proposal of G. eilatensis sp. nov.
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Adaptation of macroalgal indexes to evaluate the ecological quality of coastal waters in oceanic islands with subtropical influence: the Azores (Portugal)
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Revista de Gestão Costeira Integrada-Journal of Integrated Coastal Zone …, 2014
Taxonomic transfer of the red algae Chrysymenia enteromorpha and C. wrightii to the genus Botryocladia (Rhodymeniaceae, Rhodymeniales)
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Geopolitical framework of the Macaronesia region
E Menini, F Halim, D Gabriel, JL Suarez de Vivero, H Calado, F Moniz, ...
This project was financed in 85, 3, 2018
Molecular characterization of the red algal genus Scinaia (Scinaiaceae, Nemaliales) from the Azorean Archipelago with morphological observations on S. interrupta.
K León-Cisneros, D Gabriel, AI Neto, S Fredericq, R Riosmena-Rodriguez
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First record of Caulerpa prolifera in the Azores (NE Atlantic)
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Island geography shaping maritime space in Macaronesia
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Molecular diversity of the Caulerpa racemosa–Caulerpa peltata complex
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Quite an oddity: new worldwide records of Renouxia (Rhodogorgonales, Rhodophyta), including R. marerubra sp. nov.
D Gabriel, SGA Draisma, T Schils, WE Schmidt, T Sauvage, DJ Harris, ...
European Journal of Phycology 55 (2), 197-206, 2020
Projeto Tartaruga Boa Vista: a união que faz a força
D Gabriel
Açoriano Oriental, 28-29, 2019
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