Le Van Hien PhD
Le Van Hien PhD
Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Hanoi National University of Education
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Load Frequency Control of Power Systems With Electric Vehicles and Diverse Transmission Links Using Distributed Functional Observers
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Refined Jensen-based inequality approach to stability analysis of time-delay systems
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Finite-time stability of a class of non-autonomous neural networks with heterogeneous proportional delays
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On Global Dissipativity of Nonautonomous Neural Networks With Multiple Proportional Delays
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Switching design for suboptimal guaranteed cost control of 2-D nonlinear switched systems in the Roesser model
LV Hien, H Trinh
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Existence and global asymptotic stability of positive periodic solution of delayed Cohen–Grossberg neural networks
LV Hien, TT Loan, BTH Trang, H Trinh
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