Eric Stach
Eric Stach
Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Pennsylvania
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Graphene-based composite materials
RSR Sasha Stankovich, Dmitriy A. Dikin, Geoffrey H. B. Dommett, Kevin M ...
Nature 442, 282-286, 2006
Carbon-based supercapacitors produced by activation of graphene
Y Zhu, S Murali, MD Stoller, KJ Ganesh, W Cai, PJ Ferreira, A Pirkle, ...
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Control and characterization of individual grains and grain boundaries in graphene grown by chemical vapour deposition
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Fabrication of 7.2% efficient CZTSSe solar cells using CZTS nanocrystals
Q Guo, GM Ford, WC Yang, BC Walker, EA Stach, HW Hillhouse, ...
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Control of metal nanocrystal size reveals metal-support interface role for ceria catalysts
M Cargnello, VVT Doan-Nguyen, TR Gordon, RE Diaz, EA Stach, ...
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Grain boundary-mediated plasticity in nanocrystalline nickel
Z Shan, EA Stach, JMK Wiezorek, JA Knapp, DM Follstaedt, SX Mao
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Highly selective plasma-activated copper catalysts for carbon dioxide reduction to ethylene
H Mistry, AS Varela, CS Bonifacio, I Zegkinoglou, I Sinev, YW Choi, ...
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Development of CuInSe2 Nanocrystal and Nanoring Inks for Low-Cost Solar Cells
Q Guo, SJ Kim, M Kar, WN Shafarman, RW Birkmire, EA Stach, R Agrawal, ...
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A new view of the onset of plasticity during the nanoindentation of aluminium
AM Minor, SAS Asif, Z Shan, EA Stach, E Cyrankowski, TJ Wyrobek, ...
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Role of water in super growth of single-walled carbon nanotube carpets
PB Amama, CL Pint, L McJilton, SM Kim, EA Stach, PT Murray, RH Hauge, ...
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Direct observation of deformation-induced grain growth during the nanoindentation of ultrafine-grained Al at room temperature
M Jin, AM Minor, EA Stach, JW Morris Jr
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Resolution limits of electron-beam lithography toward the atomic scale
VR Manfrinato, L Zhang, D Su, H Duan, RG Hobbs, EA Stach, ...
Nano letters 13 (4), 1555-1558, 2013
Size and Support Effects for the Water–Gas Shift Catalysis over Gold Nanoparticles Supported on Model Al2O3 and TiO2
M Shekhar, J Wang, WS Lee, WD Williams, SM Kim, EA Stach, JT Miller, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (10), 4700-4708, 2012
Formation of compositionally abrupt axial heterojunctions in silicon-germanium nanowires
CY Wen, MC Reuter, J Bruley, J Tersoff, S Kodambaka, EA Stach, ...
Science 326 (5957), 1247-1250, 2009
Detection of single atoms and buried defects in three dimensions by aberration-corrected electron microscope with 0.5-Å information limit
C Kisielowski, B Freitag, M Bischoff, H Van Lin, S Lazar, G Knippels, ...
Microscopy and Microanalysis 14 (5), 469-477, 2008
A reaction-layer mechanism for the delayed failure of micron-scale polycrystalline silicon structural films subjected to high-cycle fatigue loading
CL Muhlstein, EA Stach, RO Ritchie
Acta Materialia 50 (14), 3579-3595, 2002
Preferential growth of single-walled carbon nanotubes with metallic conductivity
AR Harutyunyan, G Chen, TM Paronyan, EM Pigos, OA Kuznetsov, ...
Science 326 (5949), 116-120, 2009
Prolonged hot electron dynamics in plasmonicmetal/semiconductor heterostructures with implications for solar photocatalysis
JS DuChene, BC Sweeny, AC JohnstonPeck, D Su, EA Stach, WD Wei
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 53 (30), 7887-7891, 2014
Investigation of Changes in the Surface Structure of LixNi0.8Co0.15Al0.05O2 Cathode Materials Induced by the Initial Charge
S Hwang, W Chang, SM Kim, D Su, DH Kim, JY Lee, KY Chung, EA Stach
Chemistry of Materials 26 (2), 1084-1092, 2014
Surface plasmon-driven water reduction: gold nanoparticle size matters
K Qian, BC Sweeny, AC Johnston-Peck, W Niu, JO Graham, JS DuChene, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (28), 9842-9845, 2014
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