David Heldebrant
David Heldebrant
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Reversible nonpolar-to-polar solvent
PG Jessop, DJ Heldebrant, X Li, CA Eckert, CL Liotta
Nature 436 (7054), 1102-1102, 2005
CO 2-triggered switchable solvents, surfactants, and other materials
PG Jessop, SM Mercer, DJ Heldebrant
Energy & Environmental Science 5 (6), 7240-7253, 2012
The reaction of 1, 8-diazabicyclo [5.4. 0] undec-7-ene (DBU) with carbon dioxide
DJ Heldebrant, PG Jessop, CA Thomas, CA Eckert, CL Liotta
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Organic liquid CO 2 capture agents with high gravimetric CO 2 capacity
DJ Heldebrant, CR Yonker, PG Jessop, L Phan
Energy & Environmental Science 1 (4), 487-493, 2008
Liquid poly (ethylene glycol) and supercritical carbon dioxide: a benign biphasic solvent system for use and recycling of homogeneous catalysts
DJ Heldebrant, PG Jessop
Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 (19), 5600-5601, 2003
Switchable solvents consisting of amidine/alcohol or guanidine/alcohol mixtures
L Phan, D Chiu, DJ Heldebrant, H Huttenhower, E John, X Li, P Pollet, ...
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 47 (3), 539-545, 2008
Aqueous phase reforming of glycerol for hydrogen production over Pt–Re supported on carbon
DL King, L Zhang, G Xia, AM Karim, DJ Heldebrant, X Wang, T Peterson, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 99 (1-2), 206-213, 2010
The effects of chemical additives on the induction phase in solid-state thermal decomposition of ammonia borane
DJ Heldebrant, A Karkamkar, NJ Hess, M Bowden, S Rassat, F Zheng, ...
Chemistry of Materials 20 (16), 5332-5336, 2008
In situ multinuclear NMR spectroscopic studies of the thermal decomposition of ammonia borane in solution
WJ Shaw, JC Linehan, NK Szymczak, DJ Heldebrant, C Yonker, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 47 (39), 7493-7496, 2008
Water-Lean Solvents for Post-Combustion CO2 Capture: Fundamentals, Uncertainties, Opportunities, and Outlook
DJ Heldebrant, PK Koech, VA Glezakou, R Rousseau, D Malhotra, ...
Chemical reviews 117 (14), 9594-9624, 2017
Reversible zwitterionic liquids, the reaction of alkanol guanidines, alkanol amidines, and diamines with CO 2
DJ Heldebrant, PK Koech, MTC Ang, C Liang, JE Rainbolt, CR Yonker, ...
Green Chemistry 12 (4), 713-721, 2010
Liquid polymers as solvents for catalytic reductions
DJ Heldebrant, HN Witt, SM Walsh, T Ellis, J Rauscher, PG Jessop
Green Chemistry 8 (9), 807-815, 2006
Synthesis of ammonia borane for hydrogen storage applications
DJ Heldebrant, A Karkamkar, JC Linehan, T Autrey
Energy & Environmental Science 1 (1), 156-160, 2008
Coordination of aminoborane, NH 2 BH 2, dictates selectivity and extent of H 2 release in metal-catalysed ammonia borane dehydrogenation
V Pons, RT Baker, NK Szymczak, DJ Heldebrant, JC Linehan, MH Matus, ...
Chemical Communications, 6597-6599, 2008
Reversible Uptake of COS, CS2, and SO2: Ionic Liquids with OAlkylxanthate, OAlkylthiocarbonyl, and OAlkylsulfite Anions
DJ Heldebrant, CR Yonker, PG Jessop, L Phan
Chemistry–A European Journal 15 (31), 7619-7627, 2009
Formanilide and carbanilide from aniline and carbon dioxide
P Munshi, DJ Heldebrant, EP McKoon, PA Kelly, CC Tai, PG Jessop
Tetrahedron letters 44 (13), 2725-2727, 2003
A reversible zwitterionic SO 2-binding organic liquid
DJ Heldebrant, PK Koech, CR Yonker
Energy & Environmental Science 3 (1), 111-113, 2010
Performance of single-component CO2-binding organic liquids (CO2BOLs) for post combustion CO2 capture
DJ Heldebrant, PK Koech, JE Rainbolt, F Zheng, T Smurthwaite, ...
Chemical engineering journal 171 (3), 794-800, 2011
Improving the regeneration of CO 2-binding organic liquids with a polarity change
PM Mathias, K Afshar, F Zheng, MD Bearden, CJ Freeman, T Andrea, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 6 (7), 2233-2242, 2013
CO2-binding organic liquids (CO2 BOLs) for post-combustion CO2 capture
DJ Heldebrant, CR Yonker, PG Jessop, L Phan
Energy Procedia 1 (1), 1187-1195, 2009
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