Guo-Jun Qi
Guo-Jun Qi
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Data classification: algorithms and applications
CC Aggarwal
CRC press, 2014
Social network data analytics
CC Aggarwal
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Correlative multi-label video annotation
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S Chang, W Han, J Tang, GJ Qi, CC Aggarwal, TS Huang
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Differential recurrent neural networks for action recognition
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Community detection with edge content in social media networks
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Two-dimensional active learning for image classification
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Loss-sensitive generative adversarial networks on lipschitz densities
arXiv preprint arXiv:1701.06264, 2017
An efficient sparse metric learning in high-dimensional space via l 1-penalized log-determinant regularization
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Interleaved group convolutions
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Mining collective intelligence in diverse groups
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Two-dimensional multilabel active learning with an efficient online adaptation model for image classification
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Correlative linear neighborhood propagation for video annotation
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