Connie C. Lu  (盧之瑜)
Connie C. Lu (盧之瑜)
Professor of Chemistry, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
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Neutral bis (α-iminopyridine) metal complexes of the first-row transition ions (Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Zn) and their monocationic analogues: mixed valency involving a redox …
CC Lu, E Bill, T Weyhermüller, E Bothe, K Wieghardt
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Tuning nickel with Lewis acidic group 13 metalloligands for catalytic olefin hydrogenation
RC Cammarota, CC Lu
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On the feasibility of N2 fixation via a single-site FeI/FeIV cycle: Spectroscopic studies of FeI (N2) FeI, FeIV N, and related species
MP Hendrich, W Gunderson, RK Behan, MT Green, MP Mehn, TA Betley, ...
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Metal–alane adducts with zero-valent nickel, cobalt, and iron
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Fe(I)-Mediated Reductive Cleavage and Coupling of CO2:  An FeII(μ-O,μ-CO)FeII Core
CC Lu, CT Saouma, MW Day, JC Peters
Journal of the American Chemical Society 129 (1), 4-5, 2007
Catalytic silylation of dinitrogen with a dicobalt complex
RB Siedschlag, V Bernales, KD Vogiatzis, N Planas, LJ Clouston, E Bill, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (14), 4638-4641, 2015
Systematic Variation of Metal–Metal Bond Order in Metal–Chromium Complexes
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Configuring bonds between first-row transition metals
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Bis (α-diimine) iron complexes: electronic structure determination by spectroscopy and broken symmetry density functional theoretical calculations
N Muresan, CC Lu, M Ghosh, JC Peters, M Abe, LM Henling, ...
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Leveraging molecular metal–support interactions for H2 and N2 activation
RC Cammarota, LJ Clouston, CC Lu
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Catalytic copolymerization of CO and ethylene with a charge neutral palladium (II) zwitterion
CC Lu, JC Peters
Journal of the American Chemical Society 124 (19), 5272-5273, 2002
A Bimetallic Nickel–Gallium Complex Catalyzes CO2 Hydrogenation via the Intermediacy of an Anionic d10 Nickel Hydride
RC Cammarota, MV Vollmer, J Xie, J Ye, JC Linehan, SA Burgess, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (40), 14244-14250, 2017
Role of the metal in the bonding and properties of bimetallic complexes involving manganese, iron, and cobalt
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Accessing the different redox states of α-iminopyridines within cobalt complexes
CC Lu, T Weyhermüller, E Bill, K Wieghardt
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Multiple metal–metal bonds in iron–chromium complexes
PA Rudd, S Liu, N Planas, E Bill, L Gagliardi, CC Lu
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Bimetallic Cobalt–Dinitrogen Complexes: Impact of the Supporting Metal on N2 Activation
LJ Clouston, V Bernales, RK Carlson, L Gagliardi, CC Lu
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Synthetic, structural, and mechanistic aspects of an amine activation process mediated at a zwitterionic Pd (II) center
CC Lu, JC Peters
Journal of the American Chemical Society 126 (48), 15818-15832, 2004
An ElectronTransfer Series of HighValent Chromium Complexes with Redox NonInnocent, NonHeme Ligands
CC Lu, S DeBeer George, T Weyhermüller, E Bill, E Bothe, K Wieghardt
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 47 (34), 6384-6387, 2008
Thermal stabilization of metal–organic framework-derived single-site catalytic clusters through nanocasting
CD Malonzo, SM Shaker, L Ren, SD Prinslow, AE Platero-Prats, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (8), 2739-2748, 2016
Dinitrogen Activation at Iron and Cobalt Metallalumatranes
PA Rudd, N Planas, E Bill, L Gagliardi, CC Lu
European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2013 (2223), 3898-3906, 2013
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