Peng Li Wang
Peng Li Wang
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Efficient uranium capture by polysulfide/layered double hydroxide composites
S Ma, L Huang, L Ma, Y Shim, SM Islam, P Wang, LD Zhao, S Wang, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 137 (10), 3670-3677, 2015
Extraordinary role of Hg in enhancing the thermoelectric performance of p-type SnTe
G Tan, F Shi, JW Doak, H Sun, LD Zhao, P Wang, C Uher, C Wolverton, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 8 (1), 267-277, 2015
High Thermoelectric Performance SnTe–In2Te3 Solid Solutions Enabled by Resonant Levels and Strong Vacancy Phonon Scattering
G Tan, WG Zeier, F Shi, P Wang, GJ Snyder, VP Dravid, MG Kanatzidis
Chemistry of Materials 27 (22), 7801-7811, 2015
Highly selective and efficient heavy metal capture with polysulfide intercalated layered double hydroxides
S Ma, Q Chen, H Li, P Wang, SM Islam, Q Gu, X Yang, MG Kanatzidis
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (26), 10280-10289, 2014
Highly efficient iodine capture by layered double hydroxides intercalated with polysulfides
S Ma, SM Islam, Y Shim, Q Gu, P Wang, H Li, G Sun, X Yang, ...
Chemistry of Materials 26 (24), 7114-7123, 2014
Efficient Hg vapor capture with polysulfide intercalated layered double hydroxides
S Ma, Y Shim, SM Islam, KS Subrahmanyam, P Wang, H Li, S Wang, ...
Chemistry of Materials 26 (17), 5004-5011, 2014
Decoupling the Electrical Conductivity and Seebeck Coefficient in the RE2SbO2 Compounds through Local Structural Perturbations
PL Wang, T Kolodiazhnyi, J Yao, Y Mozharivskyj
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (3), 1426-1429, 2012
Hard Radiation Detection from the Selenophosphate Pb2P2Se6
PL Wang, Z Liu, P Chen, JA Peters, G Tan, J Im, W Lin, AJ Freeman, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 25 (30), 4874-4881, 2015
Tuning Magnetic and Structural Transitions through Valence Electron Concentration in the Giant Magnetocaloric Gd5–xEuxGe4 Phases
J Yao, P Wang, Y Mozharivskyj
Chemistry of Materials 24 (3), 552-556, 2012
Synthesis, Crystal and Electronic Structures of New Narrow-Band-Gap Semiconducting Antimonide Oxides RE3SbO3 and RE8Sb3−δO8, with RE = La, Sm, Gd …
P Wang, S Forbes, T Kolodiazhnyi, K Kosuda, Y Mozharivskyj
Journal of the American Chemical Society 132 (25), 8795-8803, 2010
Mononuclear Complexes of Platinum Group Metals Containing η6 and η5Cyclic ΠPerimeter Hydrocarbon and Pyridylpyrazolyl Derivatives: Syntheses and …
G Gupta, C Zheng, P Wang, KM Rao
Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie 636 (5), 758-764, 2010
Photoluminescence fatigue and inhomogeneous line broadening in semi-insulating Tl6SeI4 single crystals
SS Kostina, JA Peters, W Lin, P Chen, Z Liu, PL Wang, MG Kanatzidis, ...
Semiconductor Science and Technology 31 (6), 065009, 2016
Crystal structure and magnetism of Gd5− xEuxGe4
J Yao, PL Wang, Y Mozharivskyj
Journal of alloys and compounds 534, 74-80, 2012
Electronically Induced Ferromagnetic Transitions in -Type Magnetoresponsive Phases
J Yao, Y Zhang, PL Wang, L Lutz, GJ Miller, Y Mozharivskyj
Physical review letters 110 (7), 077204, 2013
Composition, structure, bonding and thermoelectric properties of “CuT 2 P 3” and “CuT 4 P 3”, members of the T 1− x (CuP 3) x series with T being Si and Ge
P Wang, F Ahmadpour, T Kolodiazhnyi, A Kracher, LMD Cranswick, ...
Dalton Transactions 39 (4), 1105-1112, 2010
Disorder-Controlled Electrical Properties in the Ho2Sb1–xBixO2 Systems
PL Wang, T Kolodiazhnyi, J Yao, Y Mozharivskyj
Chemistry of Materials 25 (5), 699-703, 2013
Study of half-sandwich mono and dinuclear complexes of platinum group metals containing pyrazolyl pyridine analogues: Synthesis and spectral characterization
VR Anna, KT Prasad, P Wang, KM Rao
Journal of Chemical Sciences 124 (3), 565-575, 2012
Search for α decay of naturally occurring Hf-nuclides using a Cs2HfCl6 scintillator
V Caracciolo, SS Nagorny, P Belli, R Bernabei, F Cappella, R Cerulli, ...
Nuclear Physics A 1002, 121941, 2020
Copper-Magnesium-Manganese spinel coatings for solid oxide fuel cell interconnects
S Joshi, C Silva, P Wang, Y Mozharivskyj, A Petric
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 161 (3), F233, 2013
SPIE optical engineering+ applications
NJ Cherepy, SA Payne, ZM Seeley, PR Beck, EL Swanberg, SL Hunter, ...
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