Dongjoon Rhee
Dongjoon Rhee
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CuInSe2 Quantum Dot Solar Cells with High Open-Circuit Voltage
MG Panthani, CJ Stolle, DK Reid, DJ Rhee, TB Harvey, VA Akhavan, Y Yu, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 4 (12), 2030-2034, 2013
Multiexciton Solar Cells of CuInSe2 Nanocrystals
CJ Stolle, TB Harvey, DR Pernik, JI Hibbert, J Du, DJ Rhee, VA Akhavan, ...
The journal of physical chemistry letters 5 (2), 304-309, 2014
Multiscale, hierarchical patterning of graphene by conformal wrinkling
WK Lee, J Kang, KS Chen, CJ Engel, WB Jung, D Rhee, MC Hersam, ...
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CrackFree, soft wrinkles enable switchable anisotropic wetting
D Rhee, WK Lee, TW Odom
Angewandte Chemie 129 (23), 6623-6627, 2017
Concurrent design of quasi-random photonic nanostructures
WK Lee, S Yu, CJ Engel, T Reese, D Rhee, W Chen, TW Odom
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 114 (33), 8734-8739, 2017
Evolutionary design and prototyping of single crystalline titanium nitride lattice optics
J Hu, X Ren, AN Reed, T Reese, D Rhee, B Howe, LJ Lauhon, AM Urbas, ...
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Monolithic polymer nanoridges with programmable wetting transitions
WK Lee, WB Jung, D Rhee, J Hu, YAL Lee, C Jacobson, HT Jung, ...
Advanced Materials 30 (32), 1706657, 2018
Graphene wrinkles enable spatially defined chemistry
S Deng, D Rhee, WK Lee, S Che, B Keisham, V Berry, TW Odom
Nano letters 19 (8), 5640-5646, 2019
Properties of kesterite Cu2ZnSnS4 (CZTS) thin films prepared by sol-gel method using two types of solution
C Chung, D Rhee, D Yoo, M Choi, SC Heo, D Kim, C Choi
Journal of Ceramic Processing Research 14 (2), 255-259, 2013
Soft skin layers enable area-specific, multiscale graphene wrinkles with switchable orientations
D Rhee, JT Paci, S Deng, WK Lee, GC Schatz, TW Odom
ACS nano 14 (1), 166-174, 2019
Micro-and nano-patterned elastin-like polypeptide hydrogels for stem cell culture
A Paul, M Stührenberg, S Chen, D Rhee, WK Lee, TW Odom, ...
Soft Matter 13 (34), 5665-5675, 2017
Random lasing engineering in poly-(9-9dioctylfluorene) active waveguides deposited on wrinkles corrugated surfaces
M Anni, D Rhee, WK Lee
ACS applied materials & interfaces 11 (9), 9385-9393, 2019
Strain-Dependent Nanowrinkle Confinement of Block Copolymers
YAL Lee, V Pryamitsyn, D Rhee, MO De La Cruz, TW Odom
Nano letters 20 (2), 1433-1439, 2020
Soft skin layers for reconfigurable and programmable nanowrinkles
D Rhee, S Deng, TW Odom
Nanoscale 12 (47), 23920-23928, 2020
Spontaneous Formation of Ordered Magnetic Domains by Patterning Stress
J Zhang, WK Lee, R Tu, D Rhee, R Zhao, X Wang, X Liu, X Hu, X Zhang, ...
Nano letters, 2021
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