Khalid Hattar
Khalid Hattar
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Influence of interfaces on the storage of ion-implanted He in multilayered metallic composites
T Höchbauer, A Misra, K Hattar, RG Hoagland
Journal of applied physics 98 (12), 123516, 2005
Experimental investigation of size effects on the thermal conductivity of silicon-germanium alloy thin films
R Cheaito, JC Duda, TE Beechem, K Hattar, JF Ihlefeld, DL Medlin, ...
Physical review letters 109 (19), 195901, 2012
Radiation damage in nanostructured materials
X Zhang, K Hattar, Y Chen, L Shao, J Li, C Sun, K Yu, N Li, ML Taheri, ...
Progress in Materials Science 96, 217-321, 2018
Characterisation of radiation damage in W and W-based alloys from 2 MeV self-ion near-bulk implantations
X Yi, ML Jenkins, K Hattar, PD Edmondson, SG Roberts
Acta Materialia 92, 163-177, 2015
A high electromechanical coupling coefficient SH0 Lamb wave lithium niobate micromechanical resonator and a method for fabrication
RH Olsson III, K Hattar, SJ Homeijer, M Wiwi, M Eichenfield, DW Branch, ...
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 209, 183-190, 2014
Concurrent in situ ion irradiation transmission electron microscope
K Hattar, DC Bufford, DL Buller
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2014
Arrest of He bubble growth in Cu–Nb multilayer nanocomposites
K Hattar, MJ Demkowicz, A Misra, IM Robertson, RG Hoagland
Scripta Materialia 58 (7), 541-544, 2008
Helium bubble formation in ultrafine and nanocrystalline tungsten under different extreme conditions
O El-Atwani, K Hattar, JA Hinks, G Greaves, SS Harilal, A Hassanein
Journal of Nuclear Materials 458, 216-223, 2015
Anisotropic radiation-induced segregation in 316L austenitic stainless steel with grain boundary character
CM Barr, GA Vetterick, KA Unocic, K Hattar, XM Bai, ML Taheri
Acta Materialia 67, 145-155, 2014
Studying localized corrosion using liquid cell transmission electron microscopy
SW Chee, SH Pratt, K Hattar, D Duquette, FM Ross, R Hull
Chemical Communications 51 (1), 168-171, 2015
Influence of anisotropy on thermal boundary conductance at solid interfaces
PE Hopkins, T Beechem, JC Duda, K Hattar, JF Ihlefeld, MA Rodriguez, ...
Physical Review B 84 (12), 125408, 2011
Thermal conductivity measurements via time-domain thermoreflectance for the characterization of radiation induced damage
R Cheaito, CS Gorham, A Misra, K Hattar, PE Hopkins
Journal of Materials Research 30 (9), 1403-1412, 2015
Do voids nucleate at grain boundaries during ductile rupture?
P Noell, J Carroll, K Hattar, B Clark, B Boyce
Acta Materialia 137, 103-114, 2017
In situ transmission electron microscopy observations of toughening mechanisms in ultra-fine grained columnar aluminum thin films
K Hattar, J Han, MTA Saif, IM Robertson
Journal of materials research 20 (7), 1869-1877, 2005
In-situ TEM/heavy ion irradiation on ultrafine-and nanocrystalline-grained tungsten: Effect of 3 MeV Si, Cu and W ions
O El-Atwani, A Suslova, TJ Novakowski, K Hattar, M Efe, SS Harilal, ...
Materials Characterization 99, 68-76, 2015
Thermal stability comparison of nanocrystalline Fe-based binary alloy pairs
BG Clark, K Hattar, MT Marshall, T Chookajorn, BL Boyce, CA Schuh
Jom 68 (6), 1625-1633, 2016
The role of grain size in He bubble formation: Implications for swelling resistance
O El-Atwani, JE Nathaniel II, AC Leff, BR Muntifering, JK Baldwin, K Hattar, ...
Journal of Nuclear Materials 484, 236-244, 2017
Ion irradiation of the native oxide/silicon surface increases the thermal boundary conductance across aluminum/silicon interfaces
CS Gorham, K Hattar, R Cheaito, JC Duda, JT Gaskins, TE Beechem, ...
Physical Review B 90 (2), 024301, 2014
Defect structures created during abnormal grain growth in pulsed-laser deposited nickel
K Hattar, DM Follstaedt, JA Knapp, IM Robertson
Acta Materialia 56 (4), 794-801, 2008
Study of rapid grain boundary migration in a nanocrystalline Ni thin film
J Kacher, IM Robertson, M Nowell, J Knapp, K Hattar
Materials Science and Engineering: A 528 (3), 1628-1635, 2011
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