Jae Woo Park
Jae Woo Park
Defense Agency for Technology and Quality
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Advances in microfluidics-based experimental methods for neuroscience research
JW Park, HJ Kim, MW Kang, NL Jeon
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Amyloid hydrogel derived from curly protein fibrils of α-synuclein
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Amyloid Fibrillar Meshwork Formation of Iron‐Induced Oligomeric Species of Aβ40 with Phthalocyanine Tetrasulfonate and Its Toxic Consequences
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Live cell imaging compatible immobilization of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii in microfluidic platform for biodiesel research
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PDMS microchannel surface modification with Teflon for algal lipid research
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A Network Analysis of Ballistic Helmet Technology Keyword
J Kang, J Park, J Kim
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Evaluation of Results in Recent Flexible Solar Cell Research Trends via Network Analysis Method
KS Byun, JS Lim, JW Park
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Microfluidic-Based Assay Platform for Studying Polarization Mechanism of Budding Yeast Under Gradient of Mating Pheromone
SS Lee, JW Park, S Pelet, B Hegemann, NL Jeon, M Peter
14th International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life …, 2010
사회연결망 분석을 이용한 국방 강소벤처 Tech-Fi Net 기술동향 분석
박재우, 이일로, 권재욱, 변기식, 조성용
한국산학기술학회 논문지 20 (12), 444-455, 2019
중심성 분석을 이용한 2018 년 판보로 국제 에어쇼 참가업체 기술동향 분석
황재교, 박재우, 고용신, 이창범, 황재식
한국산학기술학회 논문지 20 (8), 164-173, 2019
디지털 화상 장치를 이용한 섬유제품류 간이 색차판별에 관한 연구
박재우, 변기식, 조성용, 김병순, 오준호
한국산학기술학회 논문지 20 (8), 29-37, 2019
디지털 화상 장치를 이용한 섬유제품류 간이 색차판별에 관한 연구
이일로, 박재우, 권재욱, 변기식, 조성용
한국품질경영학회 추계학술발표논문집 2019, 208-208, 2019
Analysis Results in Technical Trends of 2018 Farnborough International Airshow via Centrality Analysis
JG Hwang, JW Park, YS Ko, C Lee, JS Hwang
Journal of the Korea Academia-Industrial cooperation Society 20 (8), 164-173, 2019
A Study on Rapid Color Difference Discrimination for Fabrics using Digital Imaging Device
JW Park, K Byun, SY Cho, BS Kim, JH Oh
Journal of the Korea Academia-Industrial cooperation Society 20 (8), 29-37, 2019
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