Jieliang Zhao
Jieliang Zhao
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Analysis of parameter sensitivity of space manipulator with harmonic drive based on the revised response surface method
J Zhao, S Yan, J Wu
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Barbs facilitate the helical penetration of honeybee (apis mellifera ligustica) stingers
J Wu, S Yan, J Zhao, Y Ye
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Erection mechanism of glossal hairs during honeybee feeding
J Zhao, J Wu, S Yan
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Dynamic modeling and motion precision analysis of spacecraft manipulator with harmonic drive considering the alternate thermal field in orbit
J Zhao, J Wu, S Yan, J Li, Y Gu
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Thermodynamic analysis on an anisotropically superhydrophobic surface with a hierarchical structure
J Zhao, Z Su, S Yan
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Design and analysis of biomimetic nose cone for morphing of aerospace vehicle
J Zhao, S Yan, L Deng, H Huang, Y Liu
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Thermodynamic analysis of a space station remote manipulator with a harmonic drive that considers an integrated thermal protection layer
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Experimental study on seepage failure characteristics of broken rock mass in dam foundation at left bank of Xiangjiaba Hydropower Project
SR Feng, HB Zhao, ZM Jiang, XX Zeng
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Critical structure for telescopic movement of honey bee (Insecta: Apidae) abdomen: folded intersegmental membrane
J Zhao, S Yan, J Wu
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Movement analysis of flexion and extension of honeybee abdomen based on an adaptive segmented structure
J Zhao, J Wu, S Yan
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Analysis of parameter sensitivity on dynamics of satellite separation
D Cui, J Zhao, S Yan, X Guo, J Li
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Biomimetic skeleton structure of morphing nose cone for aerospace vehicle inspired by variable geometry mechanism of honeybee abdomen
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Dynamic behavior and parameter sensitivity of the free-floating base for space manipulator system considering joint flexibility and clearance
Y Zhang, Y Gu, T Liu, J Zhao, S Yan
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of …, 2019
Honey bees (Apis mellifera ligustica) swing abdomen to dissipate residual flying energy landing on a wall
J Zhao, H Huang, S Yan
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Investigation on shear creep experiments of sandstone with weak plane in Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station
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Abdominal pumping involvement in the liquid feeding of honeybee
J Zhao, F Meng, S Yan, J Wu, Y Liang, Y Zhang
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Dynamic analysis of flexible space manipulators with harmonic reducer
JL Zhao, YX Gu, SZ Yan, JN Wu
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Electroantennogram reveals a strong correlation between the passion of honeybee and the properties of the volatile
J Zhao, Z Li, Z Zhao, Y Yang, S Yan
Brain and behavior 10 (6), e01603, 2020
Honeybees have hydrophobic wings that enable them to fly through fog and dew
Y Liang, J Zhao, S Yan
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In-situ test of fractured rock mass with high pressure seepage in dam foundation
HB Zhao, B Jian, SJ Wang, ZM Jiang
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