Rafael Almar
Rafael Almar
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Field survey of the 27 February 2010 Chile tsunami
HM Fritz, CM Petroff, PA Catalán, R Cienfuegos, P Winckler, N Kalligeris, ...
Pure and Applied Geophysics 168 (11), 1989-2010, 2011
Two-and three-dimensional double-sandbar system behaviour under intense wave forcing and a meso–macro tidal range
R Almar, B Castelle, BG Ruessink, N Sénéchal, P Bonneton, V Marieu
Continental Shelf Research 30 (7), 781-792, 2010
Under-estimated wave contribution to coastal sea-level rise
A Melet, B Meyssignac, R Almar, G Le Cozannet
Nature Climate Change 8 (3), 234-239, 2018
Video observations of beach cusp morphodynamics
R Almar, G Coco, KR Bryan, DA Huntley, AD Short, N Senechal
Marine geology 254 (3-4), 216-223, 2008
Field observations of an evolving rip current on a meso-macrotidal well-developed inner bar and rip morphology
N Bruneau, B Castelle, P Bonneton, R Pedreros, R Almar, N Bonneton, ...
Continental Shelf Research 29 (14), 1650-1662, 2009
Response of the Bight of Benin (Gulf of Guinea, West Africa) coastline to anthropogenic and natural forcing, Part1: Wave climate variability and impacts on the longshore …
R Almar, E Kestenare, J Reyns, J Jouanno, EJ Anthony, R Laibi, M Hemer, ...
Continental Shelf Research 110, 48-59, 2015
Video-based detection of shorelines at complex meso–macro tidal beaches
R Almar, R Ranasinghe, N Sénéchal, P Bonneton, D Roelvink, KR Bryan, ...
Journal of Coastal Research 28 (5), 1040-1048, 2012
A new breaking wave height direct estimator from video imagery
R Almar, R Cienfuegos, PA Catalán, H Michallet, B Castelle, P Bonneton, ...
Coastal Engineering 61, 42-48, 2012
Shoreline resilience to individual storms and storm clusters on a meso-macrotidal barred beach
DB Angnuureng, R Almar, N Senechal, B Castelle, KA Addo, V Marieu, ...
Geomorphology 290, 265-276, 2017
Longshore drift cell development on the human-impacted Bight of Benin sand barrier coast, West Africa
RA Laïbi, EJ Anthony, R Almar, B Castelle, N Senechal, E Kestenare
Journal of Coastal Research, 78-83, 2014
The Grand Popo beach 2013 experiment, Benin, West Africa: from short timescale processes to their integrated impact over long-term coastal evolution
R Almar, N Hounkonnou, EJ Anthony, B Castelle, N Senechal, R Laibi, ...
Journal of Coastal Research, 651-656, 2014
What dominates sea level at the coast: a case study for the Gulf of Guinea
A Melet, R Almar, B Meyssignac
Ocean Dynamics 66 (5), 623-636, 2016
Wave celerity from video imaging: a new method
R Almar, P Bonneton, N Senechal, D Roelvink
Coastal Engineering 2008: (In 5 Volumes), 661-673, 2009
On the use of the Radon Transform in studying nearshore wave dynamics
R Almar, H Michallet, R Cienfuegos, P Bonneton, M Tissier, G Ruessink
Coastal Engineering 92, 24-30, 2014
Recent shoreline changes in the Volta River delta, West Africa: The roles of natural processes and human impacts
EJ Anthony, R Almar, T Aagaard
African Journal of Aquatic Science 41 (1), 81-87, 2016
Field measurements and non-linear prediction of wave celerity in the surf zone
M Tissier, P Bonneton, R Almar, B Castelle, N Bonneton, A Nahon
European Journal of Mechanics-B/Fluids 30 (6), 635-641, 2011
The influence of swash-based reflection on surf zone hydrodynamics: a wave-by-wave approach
K Martins, CE Blenkinsopp, R Almar, J Zang
Coastal Engineering 122, 27-43, 2017
High-frequency video observation of two nearby double-barred beaches under high-energy wave forcing
R Almar, B Castelle, BG Ruessink, N Senechal, P Bonneton, V Marieu
J Coast Res SI56, 1706-1710, 2009
Video-based depth inversion techniques, a method comparison with synthetic cases
EWJ Bergsma, R Almar
Coastal Engineering 138, 199-209, 2018
Contribution of swash processes generated by low energy wind waves in the recovery of a beach impacted by extreme events: Nha Trang, Vietnam
JP Lefebvre, R Almar, NT Viet, DH Thuan, LT Binh, R Ibaceta, NV Duc
Journal of Coastal Research, 663-668, 2014
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