Gang Huang
Gang Huang
Ph.D Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Research Associate, Tohoku University; Postdoc, Kaust
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Metal Organic Frameworks Route to in Situ Insertion of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes in Co3O4 Polyhedra as Anode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries
G Huang, F Zhang, X Du, Y Qin, D Yin, L Wang
ACS nano 9 (2), 1592-1599, 2015
Hierarchical NiFe 2 O 4/Fe 2 O 3 nanotubes derived from metal organic frameworks for superior lithium ion battery anodes
G Huang, F Zhang, L Zhang, X Du, J Wang, L Wang
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (21), 8048-8053, 2014
Lithiophilic 3D nanoporous nitrogendoped graphene for dendritefree and ultrahighrate lithiummetal anodes
G Huang, J Han, F Zhang, Z Wang, H Kashani, K Watanabe, M Chen
Advanced Materials 31 (2), 1805334, 2019
Metal–organic framework derived Fe 2 O 3@ NiCo 2 O 4 porous nanocages as anode materials for Li-ion batteries
G Huang, L Zhang, F Zhang, L Wang
Nanoscale 6 (10), 5509-5515, 2014
RGO/Co3O4 composites prepared using GO-MOFs as precursor for advanced lithium-ion batteries and supercapacitors electrodes
D Yin, G Huang, Q Sun, Q Li, X Wang, D Yuan, C Wang, L Wang
Electrochimica Acta 215, 410-419, 2016
Metal-Organic Framework Template Synthesis of NiCo2S4@C Encapsulated in Hollow Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Cubes with Enhanced Electrochemical …
D Yuan, G Huang, D Yin, X Wang, C Wang, L Wang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (21), 18178-18186, 2017
Phytic acid-assisted formation of hierarchical porous CoP/C nanoboxes for enhanced lithium storage and hydrogen generation
X Wang, Z Na, D Yin, C Wang, Y Wu, G Huang, L Wang
ACS nano 12 (12), 12238-12246, 2018
Hierarchical Porous Te@ZnCo2O4 Nanofibers Derived from Te@MetalOrganic Frameworks for Superior Lithium Storage Capability
G Huang, Q Li, D Yin, L Wang
Advanced Functional Materials 27 (5), 1604941, 2017
FeS2@ C nanowires derived from organic-inorganic hybrid nanowires for high-rate and long-life lithium-ion batteries
F Zhang, C Wang, G Huang, D Yin, L Wang
Journal of Power Sources 328, 56-64, 2016
Core–Shell NiFe2O4@TiO2 Nanorods: An Anode Material with Enhanced Electrochemical Performance for LithiumIon Batteries
G Huang, F Zhang, X Du, J Wang, D Yin, L Wang
Chemistry–A European Journal 20 (35), 11214-11219, 2014
Heavily doped and highly conductive hierarchical nanoporous graphene for electrochemical hydrogen production
L Chen, J Han, Y Ito, T Fujita, G Huang, K Hu, A Hirata, K Watanabe, ...
Angewandte Chemie 130 (40), 13486-13491, 2018
Lowtemperature carbidemediated growth of bicontinuous nitrogendoped mesoporous graphene as an efficient oxygen reduction electrocatalyst
J Han, G Huang, Z Wang, Z Lu, J Du, H Kashani, M Chen
Advanced Materials 30 (38), 1803588, 2018
Full Performance Nanoporous Graphene Based LiO2 Batteries through Solution Phase Oxygen Reduction and RedoxAdditive Mediated Li2O2 Oxidation
J Han, G Huang, Y Ito, X Guo, T Fujita, P Liu, A Hirata, M Chen
Advanced Energy Materials 7 (7), 1601933, 2017
Freestanding MnO2@ carbon papers air electrodes for rechargeable Li-O2 batteries
L Zhang, F Zhang, G Huang, J Wang, X Du, Y Qin, L Wang
Journal of Power Sources 261, 311-316, 2014
Controllable synthesis of cube-like ZnSnO 3@ TiO 2 nanostructures as lithium ion battery anodes
Y Qin, F Zhang, X Du, G Huang, Y Liu, L Wang
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 (6), 2985-2990, 2015
Coated/Sandwiched rGO/CoSx Composites Derived from Metal–Organic Frameworks/GO as Advanced Anode Materials for LithiumIon Batteries
D Yin, G Huang, F Zhang, Y Qin, Z Na, Y Wu, L Wang
Chemistry–A European Journal 22 (4), 1467-1474, 2016
CuO nanorod arrays formed directly on Cu foil from MOFs as superior binder-free anode material for lithium-ion batteries
D Yin, G Huang, Z Na, X Wang, Q Li, L Wang
ACS Energy Letters 2 (7), 1564-1570, 2017
Ultrastable silicon anode by three-dimensional nanoarchitecture design
G Huang, J Han, Z Lu, D Wei, H Kashani, K Watanabe, M Chen
ACS nano 14 (4), 4374-4382, 2020
Solvothermal synthesis of GO/V 2 O 5 composites as a cathode material for rechargeable magnesium batteries
X Du, G Huang, Y Qin, L Wang
Rsc Advances 5 (93), 76352-76355, 2015
Facile synthesis of CuS/rGO composite with enhanced electrochemical lithium-storage properties through microwave-assisted hydrothermal method
D Yuan, G Huang, F Zhang, D Yin, L Wang
Electrochimica Acta 203, 238-245, 2016
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