Huimin Lu
Huimin Lu
Kyushu Institute of Technology
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Brain intelligence: go beyond artificial intelligence
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Underwater image dehazing using joint trilateral filter
S Serikawa, H Lu
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Wound intensity correction and segmentation with convolutional neural networks
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SH Wang, TM Zhan, Y Chen, Y Zhang, M Yang, HM Lu, HN Wang, B Liu, ...
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CONet: A cognitive ocean network
SS H. Lu, D. Wang, Y. Li, J. Li, X. Li, H. Kim
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Maximum local energy: An effective approach for multisensor image fusion in beyond wavelet transform domain
H Lu, L Zhang, S Serikawa
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PEA: Parallel electrocardiogram-based authentication for smart healthcare systems
Y Zhang, R Gravina, H Lu, M Villari, G Fortino
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Underwater image enhancement using guided trigonometric bilateral filter and fast automatic color correction
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Underwater optical image processing: a comprehensive review
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Multisensor Image Fusion and Enhancement in Spectral Total Variation Domain
DW Wenda Zhao, Huimin Lu
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Single image dehazing through improved atmospheric light estimation
H Lu, Y Li, S Nakashima, S Serikawa
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Underwater image enhancement method using weighted guided trigonometric filtering and artificial light correction
H Lu, Y Li, X Xu, J Li, Z Liu, X Li, J Yang, S Serikawa
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FDCNet: filtering deep convolutional network for marine organism classification
H Lu, Y Li, T Uemura, Z Ge, X Xu, L He, S Serikawa, H Kim
Multimedia tools and applications 77 (17), 21847-21860, 2018
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