Ming Yan (严明)
Ming Yan (严明)
Associate Professor, Michigan State University
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ARock: an algorithmic framework for asynchronous parallel coordinate updates
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Robust 1-bit compressive sensing using adaptive outlier pursuit
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M Yan
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Coordinate friendly structures, algorithms and applications
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A new primal-dual algorithm for minimizing the sum of three functions with a linear operator
M Yan
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Self equivalence of the alternating direction method of multipliers
M Yan, W Yin
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Expectation maximization and total variation based model for computed tomography reconstruction from undersampled data
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A double residual compression algorithm for efficient distributed learning
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Fast and robust deconvolution of tumor infiltrating lymphocyte from expression profiles using least trimmed squares
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Surface-aware blind image deblurring
J Liu, M Yan, T Zeng
IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence 43, 1041--1055, 2021
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