Chao Xu
Chao Xu
Professor of Control Science & Engineering, Zhejiang University
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D-Type Anticipatory Iterative Learning Control for a Class of Inhomogeneous Heat Equations
D Huang, J Xu, X Li, C Xu, M Yu
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Towards model-based current profile control at DIII-D
Y Ou, TC Luce, E Schuster, JR Ferron, ML Walker, C Xu, DA Humphreys
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Sequential linear quadratic control of bilinear parabolic PDEs based on POD model reduction
C Xu, Y Ou, E Schuster
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On iterative learning control of parabolic distributed parameter systems
C Xu, R Arastoo, E Schuster
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Stabilization of linearized 2D magnetohydrodynamic channel flow by backstepping boundary control
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Iterative learning control of inhomogeneous distributed parameter systems - frequency domain design and analysis
D Huang, X Li, JX Xu, C Xu, W He
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A fast-POD model for simulation and control of indoor thermal environment of buildings
K Li, H Su, J Chu, C Xu
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Optimization of ventilation system operation in office environment using POD model reduction and genetic algorithm
K Li, W Xue, C Xu, H Su
Energy and Buildings 67, 34-43, 2013
Mathematical modeling of elastic inverted pendulum control system
C Xu, X Yu
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Parameter estimation for nonlinear time-delay systems with noisy output measurements
Q Lin, R Loxton, C Xu, KL Teo
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Extremum-seeking finite-time optimal control of plasma current profile at the DIII-D tokamak
Y Ou, C Xu, E Schuster, TC Luce, JR Ferron, ML Walker
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Receding-horizon optimal control of the current profile evolution during the ramp-up phase of a tokamak discharge
Y Ou, C Xu, E Schuster, JR Ferron, TC Luce, ML Walker, DA Humphreys
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Robust control design for the poloidal magnetic flux profile evolution in the presence of model uncertainties
Y Ou, C Xu, E Schuster
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Optimal boundary control for water hammer suppression in fluid transmission pipelines
T Chen, Z Ren, C Xu, R Loxton
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Time Optimal Zermelo's Navigation Problem with Moving and Fixed Obstacles
B Li, C Xu, K Teo, J Chu
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Beam matching adaptive control via extremum seeking
E Schuster, C Xu, N Torres, E Morinaga, C Allen, M Krstic
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A: Accelerators …, 2007
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