Jiangping Hu
Jiangping Hu
Insitutute of Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences
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Theory of electron nematic order in LaFeAsO
C Fang, H Yao, WF Tsai, JP Hu, SA Kivelson
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First-order magnetic and structural phase transitions in
S Li, C de La Cruz, Q Huang, Y Chen, JW Lynn, J Hu, YL Huang, FC Hsu, ...
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Interface-induced superconductivity and strain-dependent spin density waves in FeSe/SrTiO3 thin films
S Tan, Y Zhang, M Xia, Z Ye, F Chen, X Xie, R Peng, D Xu, Q Fan, H Xu, ...
Nature materials 12 (7), 634-640, 2013
Magnetism and its microscopic origin in iron-based high-temperature superconductors
P Dai, J Hu, E Dagotto
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Electronic origin of high-temperature superconductivity in single-layer FeSe superconductor
D Liu, W Zhang, D Mou, J He, YB Ou, QY Wang, Z Li, L Wang, L Zhao, ...
Nature communications 3 (1), 1-6, 2012
Nodeless superconducting gap in A x Fe 2 Se 2 (A= K, Cs) revealed by angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy
Y Zhang, LX Yang, M Xu, ZR Ye, F Chen, C He, HC Xu, J Jiang, BP Xie, ...
Nature materials 10 (4), 273-277, 2011
A four-dimensional generalization of the quantum Hall effect
SC Zhang, J Hu
Science 294 (5543), 823-828, 2001
Pairing symmetry in a two-orbital exchange coupling model of oxypnictides
K Seo, BA Bernevig, J Hu
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Spin waves and magnetic exchange interactions in CaFe 2 As 2
J Zhao, DT Adroja, DX Yao, R Bewley, S Li, XF Wang, G Wu, XH Chen, ...
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Exact SO(5) Symmetry in the Spin- Fermionic System
C Wu, J Hu, S Zhang
Physical Review Letters 91 (18), 186402, 2003
First-Principles Calculations of the Electronic Structure of Tetragonal -FeTe and -FeSe Crystals: Evidence for a Bicollinear Antiferromagnetic Order
F Ma, W Ji, J Hu, ZY Lu, T Xiang
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Phase separation and magnetic order in K-doped iron selenide superconductor
W Li, H Ding, P Deng, K Chang, C Song, K He, L Wang, X Ma, JP Hu, ...
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Bilayer Splitting in the Electronic Structure of Heavily Overdoped
DL Feng, NP Armitage, DH Lu, A Damascelli, JP Hu, P Bogdanov, ...
Physical review letters 86 (24), 5550, 2001
Inelastic Neutron-Scattering Measurements of a Three-Dimensional Spin Resonance in the FeAs-Based Superconductor
S Chi, A Schneidewind, J Zhao, LW Harriger, L Li, Y Luo, G Cao, Z Xu, ...
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Spin and lattice structures of single-crystalline
J Zhao, II W Ratcliff, JW Lynn, GF Chen, JL Luo, NL Wang, J Hu, P Dai
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Nematic spin fluid in the tetragonal phase of BaFeAs
LW Harriger, HQ Luo, MS Liu, C Frost, JP Hu, MR Norman, P Dai
Physical Review B 84 (5), 054544, 2011
Low Energy Spin Waves and Magnetic Interactions in
J Zhao, DX Yao, S Li, T Hong, Y Chen, S Chang, II W Ratcliff, JW Lynn, ...
Physical review letters 101 (16), 167203, 2008
Electronic Identification of the Parental Phases and Mesoscopic Phase Separation of Superconductors
F Chen, M Xu, QQ Ge, Y Zhang, ZR Ye, LX Yang, J Jiang, BP Xie, RC Che, ...
Physical Review X 1 (2), 021020, 2011
Exotic -Wave Superconducting State of Strongly Hole-Doped
R Thomale, C Platt, W Hanke, J Hu, BA Bernevig
Physical review letters 107 (11), 117001, 2011
Symmetry breaking via orbital-dependent reconstruction of electronic structure in detwinned NaFeAs
Y Zhang, C He, ZR Ye, J Jiang, F Chen, M Xu, QQ Ge, BP Xie, J Wei, ...
Physical Review B 85 (8), 085121, 2012
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