Yuan Yu (余愿)
Yuan Yu (余愿)
I.Physikalisches Institut, RWTH Aachen University
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Unique bond breaking in crystalline phase change materials and the quest for metavalent bonding
M Zhu, O CojocaruMirédin, AM Mio, J Keutgen, M Küpers, Y Yu, JY Cho, ...
Advanced Materials 30 (18), 1706735, 2018
Simultaneous optimization of electrical and thermal transport properties of Bi0. 5Sb1. 5Te3 thermoelectric alloy by twin boundary engineering
Y Yu, DS He, S Zhang, O Cojocaru-Mirédin, T Schwarz, A Stoffers, ...
Nano Energy 37, 203-213, 2017
Chalcogenide Thermoelectrics Empowered by an Unconventional Bonding Mechanism
Y Yu, M Cagnoni, O CojocaruMirédin, M Wuttig
Advanced Functional Materials 30 (8), 1904862, 2020
Texture-dependent thermoelectric properties of nano-structured Bi2Te3
D Bao, J Chen, Y Yu, W Liu, L Huang, G Han, J Tang, D Zhou, L Yang, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 388, 124295, 2020
High-Performance n-Type PbSe–Cu2Se Thermoelectrics through Conduction Band Engineering and Phonon Softening
C Zhou, Y Yu, YK Lee, O Cojocaru-Mirédin, B Yoo, SP Cho, J Im, M Wuttig, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 140 (45), 15535-15545, 2018
Attaining ultrahigh thermoelectric performance of direction-solidified bulk n-type Bi2Te2. 4Se0. 6 via its liquid state treatment
B Zhu, ZY Huang, XY Wang, Y Yu, L Yang, N Gao, ZG Chen, FQ Zu
Nano Energy 42, 8-16, 2017
Ag-segregation to dislocations in PbTe-based thermoelectric materials
Y Yu, S Zhang, AM Mio, B Gault, A Sheskin, C Scheu, D Raabe, F Zu, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10 (4), 3609-3615, 2018
Understanding the Structure and Properties of SesquiChalcogenides (ie, V2VI3 or Pn2Ch3 (Pn= Pnictogen, Ch= Chalcogen) Compounds) from a Bonding Perspective
Y Cheng, O CojocaruMirédin, J Keutgen, Y Yu, M Küpers, ...
Advanced Materials 31 (43), 1904316, 2019
Advanced Optical Programming of Individual MetaAtoms Beyond the Effective Medium Approach
AKU Michel, A Heßler, S Meyer, J Pries, Y Yu, T Kalix, M Lewin, J Hanss, ...
Advanced Materials 31 (29), 1901033, 2019
Revealing nano-chemistry at lattice defects in thermoelectric materials using atom probe tomography
Y Yu, C Zhou, S Zhang, M Zhu, M Wuttig, C Scheu, D Raabe, GJ Snyder, ...
Materials Today 32, 260-274, 2020
LiquidPhase Hot Deformation to Enhance Thermoelectric Performance of ntype BismuthTellurideBased Solid Solutions
Y Wu, Y Yu, Q Zhang, T Zhu, R Zhai, X Zhao
Advanced Science 6 (21), 1901702, 2019
Role of nanostructuring and microstructuring in silver antimony telluride compounds for thermoelectric applications
O Cojocaru-Mirédin, L Abdellaoui, M Nagli, S Zhang, Y Yu, C Scheu, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 9 (17), 14779-14790, 2017
Enhanced thermoelectric properties of p-type Bi0. 5Sb1. 5Te3 bulk alloys by electroless plating with Cu and annealing
Z Huang, X Dai, Y Yu, C Zhou, F Zu
Scripta Materialia 118, 19-23, 2016
Cu Intercalation and Br Doping to Thermoelectric SnSe2 Lead to Ultrahigh Electron Mobility and TemperatureIndependent Power Factor
C Zhou, Y Yu, X Zhang, Y Cheng, J Xu, YK Lee, B Yoo, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 30 (6), 1908405, 2020
The Thermoelectric Performance of Sb2Te3-based Alloy is Improved by Introducing PN Junctions
X Wang, H Wang, B Xiang, LW Fu, H Zhu, D Chai, B Zhu, Y Yu, N Gao, ...
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 10 (27), 23277–23284, 2018
Mg Deficiency in Grain Boundaries of nType Mg3Sb2 Identified by Atom Probe Tomography
JJ Kuo, Y Yu, SD Kang, O CojocaruMirédin, M Wuttig, GJ Snyder
Advanced Materials Interfaces 6 (13), 1900429, 2019
Enhancing the thermoelectric performance of free solidified p-type Bi0. 5Sb1. 5Te3 alloy by manipulating its parent liquid state
Y Yu, B Zhu, Z Wu, Z Huang, X Wang, F Zu
Intermetallics 66, 40-47, 2015
Exceptionally High Average Power Factor and Thermoelectric Figure of Merit in n-type PbSe by the Dual Incorporation of Cu and Te
C Zhou, Y Yu, YL Lee, B Ge, W Lu, O Cojocaru-Miredin, J Im, SP Cho, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 142 (35), 15172-15186, 2020
Achieving high thermoelectric performance of Ni/Cu modified Bi0. 5Sb1. 5Te3 composites by a facile electroless plating
ZY Huang, H Zhang, L Yang, B Zhu, K Zheng, M Hong, Y Yu, FQ Zu, J Zou, ...
Materials Today Energy 9, 383-390, 2018
Influence of melt overheating treatment on solidification behavior of BiTe-based alloys at different cooling rates
Y Yu, L Lv, X Wang, B Zhu, Z Huang, F Zu
Materials & Design 88, 743-750, 2015
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