Wen Deng
Wen Deng
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Allsprayedprocessable, largearea, and flexible perovskite/MXenebased photodetector arrays for photocommunication
W Deng, H Huang, H Jin, W Li, X Chu, D Xiong, W Yan, F Chun, M Xie, ...
Advanced Optical Materials, 1801521, 2019
Extraordinary Areal and Volumetric Performance of Flexible SolidState MicroSupercapacitors Based on Highly Conductive Freestanding Ti3C2Tx Films
H Huang, H Su, H Zhang, L Xu, X Chu, C Hu, H Liu, N Chen, F Liu, ...
Advanced Electronic Materials 4 (8), 1800179, 2018
Massively manufactured paper-based all-solid-state flexible microsupercapacitors with sprayable MXene conductive inks
WY Haichao Huang, Xiang Chu, Hai Su, Haitao Zhang,* , Yanting Xie, Wen Deng ...
Journal of Power Sources 415, 1-7, 2019
Electrochemically building three-dimensional supramolecular polymer hydrogel for flexible solid-state micro-supercapacitors
WY Xiang Chu, Haichao Huang, Haitao Zhang,* Hepeng Zhang, Bingni Gu, Hai Su ...
Electrochimica Acta 301, 136, 2019
A novel stretchable supercapacitor electrode with high linear capacitance
X Chu, H Zhang, H Su, F Liu, B Gu, H Huang, H Zhang, W Deng, X Zheng, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 349, 168-175, 2018
Aqueous Phase Exfoliating Quasi-2D CsPbBr3 Nanosheets with Ultrahigh Intrinsic Water Stability
WY Meilin Xie, Huan Liu, Fengjun Chun, Wen Deng, Chao Luo, Zhihao Zhu, Min ...
Small, 1901994, 2019
Preparation and luminescent properties of self-organized broccoli-like SrMoO4: Pr3+ superparticles
F Chun, B Zhang, H Su, H Osman, W Deng, W Deng, H Zhang, X Zhao, ...
Journal of Luminescence 190, 69-75, 2017
Ethanol–water-assisted room temperature synthesis of CsPbBr 3/SiO 2 nanocomposites with high stability in ethanol
W Li, F Chun, X Fan, W Deng, M Xie, C Luo, S Yang, H Osman, C Liu, ...
Journal of Materials Science 54 (5), 3786-3794, 2019
Low toxicity antisolvent synthesis of composition-tunable luminescent all-inorganic perovskite nanocrystals
W Li, W Deng, X Fan, F Chun, M Xie, C Luo, S Yang, H Osman, C Liu, ...
Ceramics International 44 (15), 18123-18128, 2018
Visible and near-infrared luminescent properties of Pr3+ doped strontium molybdate thin films by a facile polymer-assisted deposition process
F Chun, W Li, B Zhang, W Deng, X Chu, H Su, H Osman, H Zhang, X Zhao, ...
Journal of colloid and interface science 531, 181-188, 2018
Na+ and Pr3+ co-doped orange-emitting CaYAl3O7 phosphors: synthesis, luminescence properties and theoretical calculations
F Chun, B Zhang, H Liu, W Deng, W Li, M Xie, C Luo, W Yang
Dalton Transactions 47 (48), 17515-17524, 2018
Understanding the ion-sorption dynamics in functionalized porous carbons for enhanced capacitive energy storage
H Su, H Huang, S Zhao, Y Zhou, S Xu, H Pan, B Gu, X Chu, W Deng, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 12 (2), 2773-2782, 2019
One-step hot injection synthesis of gradient alloy CdxZn1-xSySe1-y quantum dots with large-span self-regulating ability
H Osman, W Li, X Zhang, F Chun, W Deng, M Moatasim, X Zheng, ...
Journal of Luminescence 206, 565-570, 2019
AllSprayable Hierarchically Nanostructured Conducting Polymer Hydrogel for Massively Manufactured Flexible AllSolidState Supercapacitor
Y Han, X Chu, H Zhang, H Huang, G Tian, Z Wang, B Gu, N Chen, ...
Energy Technology 7 (6), 1801109, 2019
Structural and Optical Investigations of Quasi-Single Crystal Eu3+-Doped BaWO4 Thin Films
W Deng, F Chun, W Li, H Su, B Zhang, M Xie, H Zhang, X Chu, L Jin, ...
Langmuir 34 (29), 8499-8507, 2018
AntisolventInduced Fastly Grown AllInorganic Perovskite CsPbCl3 Microcrystal Films for HighSensitive UV Photodetectors
Z Zhu, W Deng, W Li, F Chun, C Luo, M Xie, B Pu, N Lin, B Gao, W Yang
Advanced Materials Interfaces 8 (6), 2001812, 2021
Luminescent Enhancement of Na+ and Sm3+ Co-doping Reddish Orange SrCa3Si2O8 Phosphors
F Chun, B Zhang, W Li, H Liu, W Deng, X Chu, H Osman, H Zhang, ...
Journal of Electronic Materials 47 (4), 2386-2393, 2018
Allsprayable hierarchically nanostructured conducting polymer hydrogel for massivelymanufactured flexible allsolidstate supercapacitor
Energy Technology, 2019
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