Bingjiang Lyu
Bingjiang Lyu
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Cross-language differences in the brain network subserving intelligible speech
J Ge, G Peng, B Lyu, Y Wang, Y Zhuo, Z Niu, LH Tan, AP Leff, JH Gao
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (10), 2972-2977, 2015
Functional connectivity-based parcellation of the thalamus: an unsupervised clustering method and its validity investigation
Y Fan, LD Nickerson, H Li, Y Ma, B Lyu, X Miao, Y Zhuo, J Ge, Q Zou, ...
Brain connectivity 5 (10), 620-630, 2015
Neural dynamics of semantic composition
B Lyu, HS Choi, WD Marslen-Wilson, A Clarke, B Randall, LK Tyler
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (42), 21318-21327, 2019
The cortical maps of hierarchical linguistic structures during speech perception
J Sheng, L Zheng, B Lyu, Z Cen, L Qin, LH Tan, MX Huang, N Ding, ...
Cerebral cortex 29 (8), 3232-3240, 2019
Predictive Brain Mechanisms in Sound-to-Meaning Mapping during Speech Processing
B Lyu, J Ge, Z Niu, LH Tan, JH Gao
Journal of Neuroscience 36 (42), 10813-10822, 2016
Decoding the Real-Time Neurobiological Properties of Incremental Semantic Interpretation
HS Choi, WD Marslen-Wilson, B Lyu, B Randall, LK Tyler
Cerebral Cortex 31 (1), 233-247, 2021
Genetic signatures of human brain structure: A comparison between GWAS and relatedness-based regression
B Lyu, KA Tsvetanov, LK Tyler, A Clarke, W Amos
bioRxiv, 2020
A heteromodal word-meaning binding site in the visual word form area under top-down frontoparietal control
L Qin, B Lyu, S Shu, Y Yin, X Wang, J Ge, WT Siok, JH Gao
Journal of Neuroscience, 2021
Discontinuous dependencies: Neural dynamics of incremental and non-adjacent constraints in spoken language comprehension
B Vassileiou, H Choi, Y Fang, B Lyu, LK Tyler
Neural infrastructure for incremental interpretation: Interfacing sound, meaning and constraint
Y Fang, B Lyu, B Vassileiou, K Tsvetanov, L Tyler, W Marslen-Wilson
Modulation of Expectation on Sound-to-Meaning Mapping during Speech Processing: An fMRI Study
B Lyu, J Ge, Z Niu, LH Tan, T Qian, JH Gao
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