Sudip Pan
Sudip Pan
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Observation of alkaline earth complexes M (CO) 8 (M= Ca, Sr, or Ba) that mimic transition metals
X Wu, L Zhao, J Jin, S Pan, W Li, X Jin, G Wang, M Zhou, G Frenking
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On the validity of the maximum hardness principle and the minimum electrophilicity principle during chemical reactions
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B 18 2−: a quasi-planar bowl member of the Wankel motor family
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Eyringpy: A program for computing rate constants in the gas phase and in solution
E Dzib, JL Cabellos, F OrtízChi, S Pan, A Galano, G Merino
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Dynamical behavior of borospherene: a nanobubble
G Martínez-Guajardo, JL Cabellos, A Díaz-Celaya, S Pan, R Islas, ...
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In Quest of Strong Be–Ng Bonds among the Neutral Ng–Be Complexes
S Pan, D Moreno, JL Cabellos, J Romero, A Reyes, G Merino, ...
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Coaxial TripleLayered versus Helical Be6B11 Clusters: Dual Structural Fluxionality and Multifold Aromaticity
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Revisiting the racemization mechanism of helicenes
J Barroso, JL Cabellos, S Pan, F Murillo, X Zarate, MA Fernandez-Herrera, ...
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Dynamical behavior of boron clusters
S Jalife, L Liu, S Pan, JL Cabellos, E Osorio, C Lu, T Heine, KJ Donald, ...
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Confinement induced binding of noble gas atoms
M Khatua, S Pan, PK Chattaraj
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Structure and bonding of IrB 12−: converting a rigid boron B 12 platelet to a Wankel motor
L Liu, D Moreno, E Osorio, AC Castro, S Pan, PK Chattaraj, T Heine, ...
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The hydrogen trapping potential of some Li-doped star-like clusters and super-alkali systems
S Pan, G Merino, PK Chattaraj
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14 (29), 10345-10350, 2012
Metastable behavior of noble gas inserted tin and lead fluorides
S Pan, A Gupta, S Mandal, D Moreno, G Merino, PK Chattaraj
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C5Li7 and O2Li5 as Noble-Gas-Trapping Agents
S Pan, M Contreras, J Romero, A Reyes, PK Chattaraj, G Merino
Fluxional boron clusters: from theory to reality
S Pan, J Barroso, S Jalife, T Heine, KR Asmis, G Merino
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Planar pentacoordinate carbons
V Vassilev-Galindo, S Pan, KJ Donald, G Merino
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Comparative Study on the Noble Gas binding ability of BeX Clusters (X= SO4, CO3, O)
R Saha, S Pan, G Merino, PK Chattaraj
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Alkali Metal Covalent Bonding in Nickel Carbonyl Complexes ENi(CO)3
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Li2B12 and Li3B12: Prediction of the Smallest Tubular and Cagelike Boron Structures
X Dong, S Jalife, A VásquezEspinal, E Ravell, S Pan, JL Cabellos, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57 (17), 4627-4631, 2018
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