Jing Qin
Jing Qin
Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky
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A new detail-preserving regularization scheme
W Guo, J Qin, W Yin
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A Multiphase Image Segmentation Based on Fuzzy Membership Functions and L1-norm Fidelity
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s-SMOOTH: Sparsity and smoothness enhanced EEG brain tomography
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Domain decomposition method for image deblurring
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Graph Fractional-Order Total Variation EEG Source Reconstruction
Y Li, J Qin, S Osher, W Liu
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Stochastic Greedy Algorithms For Multiple Measurement Vectors
J Qin, S Li, D Needell, A Ma, R Grotheer, C Huang, N Durgin
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Detecting plumes in LWIR using robust nonnegative matrix factorization with graph-based initialization
J Qin, T Laurent, K Bui, RVR Tan, J Dahilig, S Wang, J Rohe, J Sunu, ...
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Trimmed strategy for affine registration of point sets
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A novel fluorescence microscopy image deconvolution approach
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EEG Source Imaging Based on Spatial and Temporal Graph Structures
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Efficient Simultaneous Image Deconvolution and Upsampling Algorithm for Low Resolution Microwave Sounder Data
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A novel regularization based on the error function for sparse recovery
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