Anjia Yang
Anjia Yang
Jinan University
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Crowdbc: A blockchain-based decentralized framework for crowdsourcing
M Li, J Weng, A Yang, W Lu, Y Zhang, L Hou, JN Liu, Y Xiang, RH Deng
IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems 30 (6), 1251-1266, 2018
A secure and efficient ciphertext-policy attribute-based proxy re-encryption for cloud data sharing
K Liang, MH Au, JK Liu, W Susilo, DS Wong, G Yang, Y Yu, A Yang
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A new ADS-B authentication framework based on efficient hierarchical identity-based signature with batch verification
A Yang, X Tan, J Baek, DS Wong
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Lightweight and privacy-preserving delegatable proofs of storage with data dynamics in cloud storage
A Yang, J Xu, J Weng, J Zhou, DS Wong
IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, 2018
Deqos attack: Degrading quality of service in vanets and its mitigation
A Yang, J Weng, N Cheng, J Ni, X Lin, X Shen
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 68 (5), 4834-4845, 2019
Toward blockchain-based fair and anonymous ad dissemination in vehicular networks
M Li, J Weng, A Yang, JN Liu, X Lin
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Security analysis of some diffusion mechanisms used in chaotic ciphers
LY Zhang, Y Zhang, Y Liu, A Yang, G Chen
International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos 27 (10), 1750155, 2017
An efficient single-slow-phase mutually authenticated RFID distance bounding protocol with tag privacy
A Yang, Y Zhuang, DS Wong
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Two-hop distance-bounding protocols: Keep your friends close
A Yang, E Pagnin, A Mitrokotsa, GP Hancke, DS Wong
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing 17 (7), 1723-1736, 2017
HB+ DB: Distance bounding meets human based authentication
E Pagnin, A Yang, Q Hu, G Hancke, A Mitrokotsa
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Enabling efficient and privacy-preserving aggregation communication and function query for fog computing-based smart grid
JN Liu, J Weng, A Yang, Y Chen, X Lin
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A highly efficient RFID distance bounding protocol without real-time PRF evaluation
Y Zhuang, A Yang, DS Wong, G Yang, Q Xie
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Lightweight delegatable proofs of storage
J Xu, A Yang, J Zhou, DS Wong
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HB+ DB, mitigating man-in-the-middle attacks against HB+ with distance bounding
E Pagnin, A Yang, G Hancke, A Mitrokotsa
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REMT: A real-time end-to-end media data transmission mechanism in UAV-aided networks
J Zhang, J Weng, W Luo, JN Liu, A Yang, J Lin, Z Zhang, H Li
IEEE Network 32 (5), 118-123, 2018
Notes on a provably-secure certificate-based encryption against malicious CA attacks
W Yang, J Weng, A Yang, C Xie, Y Yang
Information Sciences 463, 86-91, 2018
Practical limitation of co-operative RFID jamming methods in environments without accurate signal synchronization
Q Hu, LM Dinca, A Yang, G Hancke
Computer Networks 105, 224-236, 2016
A new unpredictability-based RFID privacy model
A Yang, Y Zhuang, DS Wong, G Yang
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Preventing overshadowing attacks in self-jamming audio channels
HU Qiao, Y Liu, A Yang, G Hancke
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Energy-efficient distance-bounding with residual charge computation
Y Zhuang, A Yang, GP Hancke, DS Wong, G Yang
IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing 8 (2), 365-376, 2017
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