Xuan Zhang
Xuan Zhang
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Microstructural stability of nanostructured Cu alloys during high-temperature irradiation
NQ Vo, SW Chee, D Schwen, X Zhang, P Bellon, RS Averback
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Microstructural stability of nanostructured Cu–Nb–W alloys during high-temperature annealing and irradiation
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WY Chen, M Li, X Zhang, MA Kirk, PM Baldo, T Lian
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Irradiation-induced selective precipitation in Cu–Nb–W alloys: an approach towards coarsening resistance
X Zhang, J Wen, P Bellon, RS Averback
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X Zhang, JA Beach, M Wang, P Bellon, RS Averback
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Precipitate stability in Cu–Ag–W system under high-temperature irradiation
X Zhang, S Shu, P Bellon, RS Averback
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J Lee, CR Lear, X Zhang, P Bellon, RS Averback
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BK Kim, L Tan, C Xu, Y Yang, X Zhang, M Li
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In-situ high-energy X-ray characterization of neutron irradiated HT-UPS stainless steel under tensile deformation
C Xu, X Zhang, Y Chen, M Li, JS Park, P Kenesei, J Almer, Y Yang
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iRadMat: A thermo-mechanical testing system for in situ high-energy X-ray characterization of radioactive specimens
X Zhang, C Xu, L Wang, Y Chen, M Li, JD Almer, E Benda, P Kenesei, ...
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Characterization of neutron-irradiated HT-UPS steel by high-energy X-ray diffraction microscopy
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Creep behavior of 316 L stainless steel manufactured by laser powder bed fusion
M Li, X Zhang, WY Chen, TS Byun
Journal of Nuclear Materials 548, 152847, 2021
Handbook of Advanced Manufactured Material Properties from TCR Structure Builds at ORNL - FY 2019
KG Field, J Simpson, MN Gussev, H Wang, M Li, X Zhang, X Chen, ...
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, 2019
Report on the completion of the procurement of the first heat of Alloy 709
K Natesan, X Zhang, TL Sham, H Wang
Argonne National Lab.(ANL), Argonne, IL (United States), 2017
Effects of neutron irradiation and post-irradiation annealing on the microstructure of HT-UPS stainless steel
C Xu, WY Chen, X Zhang, Y Wu, M Li, Y Yang
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Far-field high-energy diffraction microscopy: a non-destructive tool for characterizing the microstructure and micromechanical state of polycrystalline materials
JS Park, X Zhang, P Kenesei, SL Wong, M Li, J Almer
Microscopy Today 25 (5), 36-45, 2017
Irradiation-induced formation of nanorod precipitates in a dilute Cu–W alloy
S Shu, X Zhang, JA Beach, P Bellon, RS Averback
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A kinetic Monte Carlo study of coarsening resistance of novel core/shell precipitates
X Zhang, W Gao, P Bellon, RS Averback, JM Zuo
Acta materialia 79, 37-46, 2014
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