Qin Yue (岳秦)
Qin Yue (岳秦)
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Two-dimensional copper nanosheets for electrochemical reduction of carbon monoxide to acetate
W Luc, X Fu, J Shi, JJ Lv, M Jouny, BH Ko, Y Xu, Q Tu, X Hu, J Wu, Q Yue, ...
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W Li, Q Yue, Y Deng, D Zhao
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Z Sun, B Sun, M Qiao, J Wei, Q Yue, C Wang, Y Deng, S Kaliaguine, ...
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An interface coassembly in biliquid phase: Toward core–shell magnetic mesoporous silica microspheres with tunable pore size
Q Yue, J Li, W Luo, Y Zhang, AA Elzatahry, X Wang, C Wang, W Li, ...
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Alternative route for electrochemical ammonia synthesis by reduction of nitrate on copper nanosheets
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Plasmolysis-inspired nanoengineering of functional yolk–shell microspheres with magnetic core and mesoporous silica shell
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Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (43), 15486-15493, 2017
Promoting formation of oxygen vacancies in two-dimensional cobalt-doped ceria nanosheets for efficient hydrogen evolution
S Jiang, R Zhang, H Liu, Y Rao, Y Yu, S Chen, Q Yue, Y Zhang, Y Kang
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N-doped carbon hollow microspheres for metal-free quasi-solid-state full sodium-ion capacitors
C Wang, F Wang, Z Liu, Y Zhao, Y Liu, Q Yue, H Zhu, Y Deng, Y Wu, ...
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Atomic Fe dispersed hierarchical mesoporous Fe–N–C nanostructures for an efficient oxygen reduction reaction
Y Zhou, Y Yu, D Ma, AC Foucher, L Xiong, J Zhang, EA Stach, Q Yue, ...
ACS Catalysis 11 (1), 74-81, 2020
Hierarchical mesoporous MXene–NiCoP electrocatalyst for water-splitting
Q Yue, J Sun, S Chen, Y Zhou, H Li, Y Chen, R Zhang, G Wei, Y Kang
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Nanoengineering of core–shell magnetic mesoporous microspheres with tunable surface roughness
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Magnetic yolk–shell mesoporous silica microspheres with supported Au nanoparticles as recyclable high-performance nanocatalysts
Q Yue, Y Zhang, C Wang, X Wang, Z Sun, XF Hou, D Zhao, Y Deng
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A versatile ethanol-mediated polymerization of dopamine for efficient surface modification and the construction of functional core–shell nanostructures
Q Yue, M Wang, Z Sun, C Wang, C Wang, Y Deng, D Zhao
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Designed fabrication and characterization of three-dimensionally ordered arrays of core–shell magnetic mesoporous carbon microspheres
K Yuan, R Che, Q Cao, Z Sun, Q Yue, Y Deng
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Synthesis of dualmesoporous silica using nonionic diblock copolymer and cationic surfactant as Cotemplates
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A magneticfield guided interface coassembly approach to magnetic mesoporous silica nanochains for osteoclasttargeted inhibition and heterogeneous nanocatalysis
L Wan, H Song, X Chen, Y Zhang, Q Yue, P Pan, J Su, AA Elzatahry, ...
Advanced materials 30 (25), 1707515, 2018
Optimizing the Spin States of Mesoporous Co3O4 Nanorods through Vanadium Doping for Long-Lasting and Flexible Rechargeable Zn–Air Batteries
Y Rao, S Chen, Q Yue, Y Kang
ACS Catalysis 11 (13), 8097-8103, 2021
Core–shell magnetic mesoporous silica microspheres with large mesopores for enzyme immobilization in biocatalysis
Y Zhang, Q Yue, MM Zagho, J Zhang, AA Elzatahry, Y Jiang, Y Deng
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General synthesis of discrete mesoporous carbon microspheres through a confined self-assembly process in inverse opals
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