Qianyi HUANG
Qianyi HUANG
Institute of Future Networks, Southern University of Science and Technology
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Spring: A strategy-proof and privacy preserving spectrum auction mechanism
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A general privacy-preserving auction mechanism for secondary spectrum markets
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NICScatter: Backscatter as a Covert Channel in Mobile Devices
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TRADE: A truthful online combinatorial auction for spectrum allocation in cognitive radio networks
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Authenticating On-Body Backscatter by Exploiting Propagation Signatures
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Toward Battery-Free Wearable Devices: The Synergy between Two Feet
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ALS-P: Light Weight Visible Light Positioning via Ambient Light Sensor
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Smart-U: Smart Utensils Know What You Eat
Q Huang, Z Yang, Q Zhang
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Context-Aware Wireless Based Cross Domain Gesture Recognition
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Acoustic Strength-based Motion Tracking
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Telling Secrets in the Light: An Efficient Key Extraction Mechanism via Ambient Light
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Edge Computing in Smart Homes
H Qianyi, L Zhiyang, X Wentao, Z Qian
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