Faming Wang
Faming Wang
Southeast University/Hong Kong Polytechnic University/Soochow University
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Nanozyme decorated metal–organic frameworks for enhanced photodynamic therapy
Y Zhang, F Wang, C Liu, Z Wang, LH Kang, Y Huang, K Dong, J Ren, ...
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Silverinfused porphyrinic metal–organic framework: Surfaceadaptive, ondemand nanoplatform for synergistic bacteria killing and wound disinfection
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Can the PHS model (ISO7933) predict reasonable thermophysiological responses while wearing protective clothing in hot environments?
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A biocompatible heterogeneous MOF–Cu catalyst for in vivo drug synthesis in targeted subcellular organelles
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Development processes and property measurements of moisture absorption and quick dry fabrics
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Development and validity of a universal empirical equation to predict skin surface temperature on thermal manikins
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Clothing resultant thermal insulation determined on a movable thermal manikin. Part I: effects of wind and body movement on total insulation
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LightMediated Reversible Modulation of ROS Level in Living Cells by Using an ActivityControllable Nanozyme
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Hybrid cooling clothing to improve thermal comfort of office workers in a hot indoor environment
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The hybrid personal cooling system (PCS) could effectively reduce the heat strain while exercising in a hot and moderate humid environment
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F Wang, S Annaheim, M Morrissey, RM Rossi
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