Zuzana Kasanova
Zuzana Kasanova
KU Leuven- Leuven University
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Negative symptoms and the failure to represent the expected reward value of actions: behavioral and computational modeling evidence
JM Gold, JA Waltz, TM Matveeva, Z Kasanova, GP Strauss, ES Herbener, ...
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Acceptance and commitment therapy in daily life training: a feasibility study of an mHealth intervention
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Overall cortisol, diurnal slope, and stress reactivity in psychosis: An experience sampling approach
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Early-life stress affects stress-related prefrontal dopamine activity in healthy adults, but not in individuals with psychotic disorder
Z Kasanova, D Hernaus, T Vaessen, T Van Amelsvoort, O Winz, A Heinzel, ...
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Exploring the feasibility and usability of the experience sampling method to examine the daily lives of patients with acquired brain injury
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Negative symptoms in schizophrenia result from a failure to represent the expected value of rewards: behavioral and computational modeling evidence
JM Gold, JA Waltz, TM Matveeva, Z Kasanova, GP Strauss, ES Herbener, ...
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Social anhedonia and asociality in psychosis revisited. An experience sampling study
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Temporal associations between sleep quality and paranoia across the paranoia continuum: An experience sampling study.
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Striatal dopamine release and impaired reinforcement learning in adults with 22q11. 2 deletion syndrome
EDA van Duin, Z Kasanova, D Hernaus, J Ceccarini, A Heinzel, ...
European Neuropsychopharmacology 28 (6), 732-742, 2018
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