Etienne Mémin
Etienne Mémin
Directeur de Recherche Inria Fluminance group (Inria, CNRS, Irstea, Université de Rennes I, IRMAR)
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Dense estimation of fluid flows
T Corpetti, E Mémin, P Pérez
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Dense estimation and object-based segmentation of the optical flow with robust techniques
E Mémin, P Pérez
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A multigrid approach for hierarchical motion estimation
E Memin, P Perez
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Data assimilation with the weighted ensemble Kalman filter
N Papadakis, É Mémin, A Cuzol, N Gengembre
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Fluid flow dynamics under location uncertainty
E Mémin
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N Papadakis, E Mémin
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Conditional filters for image sequence-based tracking-application to point tracking
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Inflow and initial conditions for direct numerical simulation based on adjoint data assimilation
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Layered estimation of atmospheric mesoscale dynamics from satellite imagery
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Study of the flow induced by a sliding discharge
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Variational dense motion estimation using the Helmholtz decomposition
T Kohlberger, É Mémin, C Schnörr
International Conference on Scale-Space Theories in Computer Vision, 432-448, 2003
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