Saif N. Al-Bahry
Saif N. Al-Bahry
Professor of Microbiology/Molecular Biology, Sultan Qaboos University
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Biosurfactant production by Bacillus subtilis B30 and its application in enhancing oil recovery
Y Al-Wahaibi, S Joshi, S Al-Bahry, A Elshafie, A Al-Bemani, B Shibulal
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 114, 324-333, 2014
Biosurfactant production by Bacillus subtilis B20 using date molasses and its possible application in enhanced oil recovery
SN Al-Bahry, YM Al-Wahaibi, AE Elshafie, AS Al-Bemani, SJ Joshi, ...
International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 81, 141-146, 2013
Microbial biotechnology for enhancing oil recovery: Current developments and future prospects
H Al-Sulaimani, SJ Joshi, YM Al-Wahaibi, SN Al-Bahry, A Elshafie, ...
Biotechnology, Bioinformatic and Bioengineering 1, 147-158, 2011
Fungi and aflatoxins associated with spices in the Sultanate of Oman
AE Elshafie, TA Al-Rashdi, SN Al-Bahry, CS Bakheit
Mycopathologia 155 (3), 155-160, 2002
Coastal sewage discharge and its impact on fish with reference to antibiotic resistant enteric bacteria and enteric pathogens as bio-indicators of pollution
SN Al-Bahry, IY Mahmoud, KIA Al-Belushi, AE Elshafie, A Al-Harthy, ...
Chemosphere 77 (11), 1534-1539, 2009
Bacterial flora and antibiotic resistance from eggs of green turtles< i> Chelonia mydas</i>: An indication of polluted effluents
SN Al-Bahry, IY Mahmoud, AE Elshafie, A Al-Harthy, S Al-Ghafri, ...
Marine pollution bulletin 58 (5), 720-725, 2009
Sophorolipids Production by Candida bombicola ATCC 22214 and its Potential Application in Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery
AE Elshafie, SJ Joshi, YM Al-Wahaibi, AS Al-Bemani, SN Al-Bahry, ...
Frontiers in Microbiology 6 (1324), 1-11, 2015
Microbial Enhanced Heavy Oil Recovery by the Aid of Inhabitant Spore-Forming Bacteria-An Insight Review
B Shibulal, S Al-Bahry, Y Al-Wahaibi, A Elshafie, A Al-Bemani, S Joshi
The ScientificWorld Journal 2014, 1-12, 2014
Biodegradation of crude oil and< i> n</i>-alkanes by fungi isolated from Oman
A Elshafie, AY AlKindi, S Al-Busaidi, C Bakheit, SN Al-Bahry
Marine pollution bulletin 54 (11), 1692-1696, 2007
Fungi associated with black tea and tea quality in the Sultanate of Oman
AE Elshafie, T Al-Lawatia, SN Al-Bahry
Mycopathologia 145 (2), 89-93, 1999
Residual-Oil Recovery Through Injection of Biosurfactant, Chemical Surfactant, and Mixtures of Both Under Reservoir Temperatures: Induced-Wettability and Interfacial-Tension …
H Al-Sulaimani, YM Al-Wahaibi, SN Al-Bahry, AE Elshafie, AS Al-Bemani, ...
SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering 15 (2), 210-217, 2012
Effect of Hibiscus sabdariffa extract and Nigella sativa oil on the growth and aflatoxin B1 production of Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus strains
SAF El-Nagerabi, SN Al-Bahry, AE Elshafie, S AlHilali
Food Control 25 (1), 59, 2012
Production, Characterization, and Application of Bacillus licheniformis W16 Biosurfactant in Enhancing Oil Recovery
SJ Joshi, YM Al-Wahaibi, SN Al-Bahry, AE Elshafie, ...
Frontiers Microbiology 7, 1-14, 2016
Antibiotic resistant bacteria as bio-indicator of polluted effluent in the green turtles, Chelonia mydas in Oman
SN Al-Bahry, IY Mahmoud, M Al-Zadjali, A Elshafie, A Al-Harthy, ...
Marine environmental research 71 (2), 139-144, 2011
Biomonitoring marine habitats in reference to antibiotic resistant bacteria and ampicillin resistance determinants from oviductal fluid of the nesting green sea turtle …
SN Al-Bahry, MA Al-Zadjali, IY Mahmoud, AE Elshafie
Chemosphere 87 (11), 1308-1315, 2012
Lignocellulosic biomass (LCB): a potential alternative biorefinery feedstock for polyhydroxyalkanoates production
HS Al-Battashi, N Annamalai, N Sivakumar, S Al-Bahry, BN Tripathi, ...
Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology 18 (1), 183-205, 2019
Microbial enhanced heavy crude oil recovery through biodegradation using bacterial isolates from an Omani oil field
A Al-Sayegh, Y Al-Wahaibi, S Al-Bahry, A Elshafie, A Al-Bemani, S Joshi
Microbial Cell Factories 14 (141), 1-11, 2015
Biorefinery production of poly-3-hydroxybutyrate using waste office paper hydrolysate as feedstock for microbial fermentation
A Neelamegam, H Al-Battashi, S Al-Bahry, S Nallusamy
Journal of biotechnology 265, 25-30, 2018
Salt stress alters DNA methylation levels in alfalfa (Medicago spp)
A Al-Lawati, S Al-Bahry, R Victor, AH Al-Lawati, MW Yaish
Genetic and Molecular Research 15 (1), 1-16, 2016
Optimization and Partial Characterization of Biosurfactants Produced by Bacillus Species and Their Potential for Ex-Situ Enhanced Oil Recovery
H Al-Sulaimani, YM Al-Wahaibi, SN Al-Bahry, AE Elshafie, AS Al-Bemani, ...
SPE Journal 16 (3), 672-682, 2011
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