Muratahan Aykol
Muratahan Aykol
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Materials design and discovery with high-throughput density functional theory: the open quantum materials database (OQMD)
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Accelerating the discovery of materials for clean energy in the era of smart automation
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Atomate: A high-level interface to generate, execute, and analyze computational materials science workflows
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Closed-loop optimization of fast-charging protocols for batteries with machine learning
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High-throughput computational design of cathode coatings for Li-ion batteries
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Thermodynamic limit for synthesis of metastable inorganic materials
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Thermodynamic Aspects of Cathode Coatings for LithiumIon Batteries
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Controlling the intercalation chemistry to design high-performance dual-salt hybrid rechargeable batteries
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Local environment dependent GGA+ U method for accurate thermochemistry of transition metal compounds
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Van der Waals interactions in layered lithium cobalt oxides
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A machine learning approach for engineering bulk metallic glass alloys
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Active learning for accelerated design of layered materials
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Material design of high-capacity Li-rich layered-oxide electrodes: Li 2 MnO 3 and beyond
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Suppressing manganese dissolution from lithium manganese oxide spinel cathodes with singlelayer graphene
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Nano-scale phase separation in amorphous Fe–B alloys: Atomic and cluster ordering
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Network analysis of synthesizable materials discovery
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