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Differentiable learning-to-normalize via switchable normalization
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Towards understanding regularization in batch normalization
P Luo, X Wang, W Shao, Z Peng
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Facial age estimation by using stacked feature composition and selection
Y Li, Z Peng, D Liang, H Chang, Z Cai
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Switchable normalization for learning-to-normalize deep representation
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AIM 2020 challenge on learned image signal processing pipeline
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Deep boosting: joint feature selection and analysis dictionary learning in hierarchy
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Differentiable learning-to-group channels via groupable convolutional neural networks
Z Zhang, J Li, W Shao, Z Peng, R Zhang, X Wang, P Luo
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Progressively diffused networks for semantic visual parsing
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Differentiable dynamic normalization for learning deep representation
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Geometric scene parsing with hierarchical lstm
Z Peng, R Zhang, X Liang, X Liu, L Lin
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Deep boosting: Layered feature mining for general image classification
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Do normalization layers in a deep ConvNet really need to be distinct?
P Luo, Z Peng, J Ren, R Zhang
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Exemplar normalization for learning deep representation
R Zhang, Z Peng, L Wu, Z Li, P Luo
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Cuimage: A neverending learning platform on a convolutional knowledge graph of billion web images
Z Peng, L Wu, J Ren, R Zhang, P Luo
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Scheduling Large-scale Distributed Training via Reinforcement Learning
Z Peng, J Ren, R Zhang, L Wu, X Wang, P Luo
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Exemplar Normalization for Learning Deep Representation Supplemental Material
R Zhang, Z Peng, L Wu, Z Li, P Luo
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