Darya Snihirova
Darya Snihirova
Postdoctoral fellow, Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht
Verified email at ist.utl.pt
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Evaluation of self-healing ability in protective coatings modified with combinations of layered double hydroxides and cerium molibdate nanocontainers filled with corrosioná…
MF Montemor, DV Snihirova, MG Taryba, SV Lamaka, IA Kartsonakis, ...
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Zn–Al layered double hydroxides as chloride nanotraps in active protective coatings
J Tedim, A Kuznetsova, AN Salak, F Montemor, D Snihirova, M Pilz, ...
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Hydroxyapatite microparticles as feedback-active reservoirs of corrosion inhibitors
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“SMART” protective ability of water based epoxy coatings loaded with CaCO3 microbeads impregnated with corrosion inhibitors applied on AA2024 substrates
D Snihirova, SV Lamaka, MF Montemor
Electrochimica Acta 83, 439-447, 2012
The combined use of scanning vibrating electrode technique and micro-potentiometry to assess the self-repair processes in defects on “smart” coatings applied to galvanized steel
M Taryba, SV Lamaka, D Snihirova, MGS Ferreira, MF Montemor, ...
Electrochimica Acta 56 (12), 4475-4488, 2011
Self healing ability of inhibitor-containing nanocapsules loaded in epoxy coatings applied on aluminium 5083 and galvanneal substrates
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Electrochimica Acta 140, 282-293, 2014
Multifunctional epoxy coatings combining a mixture of traps and inhibitor loaded nanocontainers for corrosion protection of AA2024-T3
IA Kartsonakis, E Athanasopoulou, D Snihirova, B Martins, MA Koklioti, ...
Corrosion Science 85, 147-159, 2014
pH-sensitive polymeric particles with increased inhibitor-loading capacity as smart additives for corrosion protective coatings for AA2024
D Snihirova, SV Lamaka, MM Cardoso, JAD Condešo, HECS Ferreira, ...
Electrochimica Acta 145, 123-131, 2014
Improving the corrosion protection properties of organically modified silicate–epoxy coatings by incorporation of organic and inorganic inhibitors
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Progress in Organic Coatings 72 (4), 653-662, 2011
Electrochemical study of the corrosion inhibition ability of “smart” coatings applied on AA2024
D Snihirova, L Liphardt, G Grundmeier, F Montemor
Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry 17 (8), 2183-2192, 2013
Comparison of the synergistic effects of inhibitor mixtures tailored for enhanced corrosion protection of bare and coated AA2024-T3
D Snihirova, SV Lamaka, P Taheri, JMC Mol, MF Montemor
Surface and Coatings Technology 303, 342-351, 2016
Corrosion inhibition synergies on a model Al-Cu-Mg sample studied by localized scanning electrochemical techniques
D Snihirova, M Taryba, SV Lamaka, MF Montemor
Corrosion Science 112, 408-417, 2016
Corrosion protection properties of inhibitor containing hybrid PEO-epoxy coating on magnesium
J Yang, C Blawert, SV Lamaka, D Snihirova, X Lu, S Di, ML Zheludkevich
Corrosion Science 140, 99-110, 2018
H+-selective microelectrodes with optimized measuring range for corrosion studies
EA Zdrachek, AG Karotkaya, VA Nazarov, KA Andronchyk, ...
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Mg-Ca binary alloys as anodes for primary Mg-air batteries
M Deng, D H÷che, SV Lamaka, D Snihirova, ML Zheludkevich
Journal of Power Sources 396, 109-118, 2018
Localised corrosion assessement of crambe-oil-based polyurethane coatings applied on the ASTM 1200 aluminum alloy
JV Nardeli, DV Snihirova, CS Fugivara, MF Montemor, ERP Pinto, ...
Corrosion Science 111, 422-435, 2016
Smart composite coatings for corrosion protection of aluminium alloys in aerospace applications
D Snihirova, SV Lamaka, MF Montemor
Smart Composite Coatings and Membranes, 85-121, 2016
Exploring the Effect of Strong Complexing Agents As Electrolyte Additives on Anode Performance in Mg-Air Primary Batteries
B Vaghefinazari, D Hoeche, SV Lamaka, D Snihirova, L Wang, M Deng, ...
Meeting Abstracts, 44-44, 2019
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