Yanan Chen
Yanan Chen
Professor of Tianjin University; Tsinghua University; University of Maryland College Park;
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Potassium ion batteries with graphitic materials
W Luo, J Wan, B Ozdemir, W Bao, Y Chen, J Dai, H Lin, Y Xu, F Gu, ...
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Flexible, solid-state, ion-conducting membrane with 3D garnet nanofiber networks for lithium batteries
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Graphene oxidebased electrode inks for 3Dprinted lithiumion batteries
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Organic electrode for non-aqueous potassium-ion batteries
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Reduced graphene oxide films with ultrahigh conductivity as Li-ion battery current collectors
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Three-dimensional printable high-temperature and high-rate heaters
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Carbonized-leaf membrane with anisotropic surfaces for sodium-ion battery
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Sandwich-like Ni2P nanoarray/nitrogen-doped graphene nanoarchitecture as a high-performance anode for sodium and lithium ion batteries
C Dong, L Guo, Y He, C Chen, Y Qian, Y Chen, L Xu
Energy Storage Materials 15, 234-241, 2018
Enabling High-Areal-Capacity Lithium-Sulfur Batteries: Designing Anisotropic and Low-Tortuosity Porous Architectures
LH Y Li, Kun “Kelvin” Fu, Chaoji Chen, Wei Luo, Tingting Gao, Shaomao Xu ...
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Hierarchically Porous, Ultrathick,“Breathable” WoodDerived Cathode for LithiumOxygen Batteries
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Reduced graphene oxide film with record-high conductivity and mobility
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FeS2 Nanoparticles Embedded in Reduced Graphene Oxide toward Robust, HighPerformance Electrocatalysts
Y Chen, S Xu, Y Li, RJ Jacob, Y Kuang, B Liu, Y Wang, G Pastel, ...
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Carbon welding by ultrafast joule heating
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Ultra-fast self-assembly and stabilization of reactive nanoparticles in reduced graphene oxide films
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Textile inspired lithium–oxygen battery cathode with decoupled oxygen and electrolyte pathways
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Confined Fe2VO4⊂NitrogenDoped Carbon Nanowires with Internal Void Space for HighRate and Ultrastable PotassiumIon Storage
C Yang, F Lv, Y Zhang, J Wen, K Dong, H Su, F Lai, G Qian, W Wang, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 9 (46), 1902674, 2019
Thermoelectric properties and performance of flexible reduced graphene oxide films up to 3,000 K
T Li, AD Pickel, Y Yao, Y Chen, Y Zeng, SD Lacey, Y Li, Y Wang, J Dai, ...
Nature Energy 3 (2), 148-156, 2018
Rapid, in situ synthesis of high capacity battery anodes through high temperature radiation-based thermal shock
Y Chen, Y Li, Y Wang, K Fu, VA Danner, J Dai, SD Lacey, Y Yao, L Hu
Nano letters 16 (9), 5553-5558, 2016
Flexible, high temperature, planar lighting with large scale printable nanocarbon paper
W Bao, AD Pickel, Q Zhang, Y Chen, Y Yao, J Wan, K Fu, Y Wang, J Dai, ...
Advanced materials 28 (23), 4684-4691, 2016
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