Jiaxin Shi
Jiaxin Shi
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Does red undermine individuals' intellectual performance? A test in China
J Shi, C Zhang, F Jiang
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A multilab replication of the ego depletion effect
J Dang, P Barker, A Baumert, M Bentvelzen, E Berkman, N Buchholz, ...
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The colour red affects time perception differently in different contexts
J Shi, X Huang
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Multi-lab replication reveals a small but significant ego depletion effect
J Dang, O Zerhouni, R Imhoff, J Lile, M Giacomantonio, T Sevincer, ...
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The early facilitative and late contextual specific effect of the color red on attentional processing
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Accelerated CREP-RRR: Turri, Buckwalter, & Blouw (2015)
B Hall, J Wagge, G Pfuhl, S Stieger, E Vergauwe, H IJzerman, ED Musser, ...
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Dominate others, hurt self: Social dominance orientation predicts depression during the COVID-19 pandemic
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Moral thinking across the world: Exploring the influence of personal force and intention in moral dilemma judgments
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The effect of awe on natural risk-taking preferences: The role of need for closure
Y Lv, J Shi, F Yu, C Zhang
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Psychosomatic symptoms and neuroticism following CoViD-19: the role of online aggression toward a stigmatized group
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A Multilab Replication of the Ego Depletion Effect
J Buczny, J Dang, P Barker, A Baumert, M Bentvelzen, E Berkman, ...
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Multilab close replication of: Experiment 1 from Turri, J., Buckwalter, W., & Blouw, P.(2015). Knowledge and luck. Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, 22, 378-390. Data and …
SC Eckerman, NJ DeLollo, H Johnson, KN Lewis, MK Walsh, ...
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