Thomas C Jensen
Thomas C Jensen
Senior Adviser, DTU Management Engineering
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Tourism forecasting: accuracy of alternative econometric models
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Terahertz imaging systems with aperture synthesis techniques
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Computer graphics, parametric patch parallel subdivision processor
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Calibrating traffic models on traffic census results only
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Electron-cyclotron-resonance heating in Wendelstein 7-X: A versatile heating and current-drive method and a tool for in-depth physics studies
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Income and price elasticities by nationality for tourists in Denmark
TC Jensen
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Overview of physics studies on ASDEX Upgrade
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Development and validation of a gene expression score that predicts response to fulvestrant in breast cancer patients
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InP-DHBT-on-BiCMOS Technology With of 400/350 GHz for Heterogeneous Integrated Millimeter-Wave Sources
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Emission consequences of introducing bio ethanol as a fuel for gasoline cars
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Multi-source integration and temporal situation assessment in air combat
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1999 Information, Decision and Control. Data and Information Fusion …, 1999
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