Tzung-May Fu 傅宗玫
Tzung-May Fu 傅宗玫
Professor, Southern University of Science and Technology
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Global budgets of atmospheric glyoxal and methylglyoxal, and implications for formation of secondary organic aerosols
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Spacebased formaldehyde measurements as constraints on volatile organic compound emissions in east and south Asia and implications for ozone
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A general method for patterning gradients of biomolecules on surfaces using microfluidic networks
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Remote sensed and in situ constraints on processes affecting tropical tropospheric ozone
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First directly retrieved global distribution of tropospheric column ozone from GOME: Comparison with the GEOSChem model
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Source attribution of particulate matter pollution over North China with the adjoint method
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Aqueous-phase reactive uptake of dicarbonyls as a source of organic aerosol over eastern North America
TM Fu, DJ Jacob, CL Heald
Atmospheric Environment 43 (10), 1814-1822, 2009
Seasonal and spatial variability of the OM/OC mass ratios and high regional correlation between oxalic acid and zinc in Chinese urban organic aerosols
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NOx Emission Reduction and Recovery during COVID-19 in East China
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Atmosphere 11 (4), 433, 2020
Numerical Simulation and In Situ Investigation of Fine Particle Dispersion in an Actual Deep Street Canyon in Hong Kong
YW Zhang, ZL Gu, SC Lee, TM Fu, KF Ho
Indoor and Built Environment 20 (2), 206-216, 2011
Evaluation of a photosynthesis-based biogenic isoprene emission scheme in JULES and simulation of isoprene emissions under present-day climate conditions
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Copernicus Publications, 2011
Model evidence for a significant source of secondary organic aerosol from isoprene
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Exploring 2016–2017 surface ozone pollution over China: source contributions and meteorological influences
X Lu, L Zhang, Y Chen, M Zhou, B Zheng, K Li, Y Liu, J Lin, TM Fu, ...
Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 19 (12), 8339-8361, 2019
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