Sunil Hadap
Sunil Hadap
Principal Applied Scientist, Lab126 - Amazon
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Depth from combining defocus and correspondence using light-field cameras
MW Tao, S Hadap, J Malik, R Ramamoorthi
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Modeling dynamic hair as a continuum
S Hadap, N MagnenatThalmann
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Neural face editing with intrinsic image disentangling
Z Shu, E Yumer, S Hadap, K Sunkavalli, E Shechtman, D Samaras
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Deep outdoor illumination estimation
Y Hold-Geoffroy, K Sunkavalli, S Hadap, E Gambaretto, JF Lalonde
Proceedings of the IEEE conference on computer vision and pattern …, 2017
Automatic scene inference for 3d object compositing
K Karsch, K Sunkavalli, S Hadap, N Carr, H Jin, R Fonte, M Sittig, ...
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Animating wrinkles on clothes
S Hadap, E Bongarter, P Volino, N Magnenat-Thalmann
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Oriented strands: dynamics of stiff multi-body system
S Hadap
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Interactive hair styler based on fluid flow
S Hadap, N Magnenat-Thalmann
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Specular reflection separation using dark channel prior
H Kim, H Jin, S Hadap, I Kweon
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Shading-aware multi-view stereo
F Langguth, K Sunkavalli, S Hadap, M Goesele
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Deep image-based relighting from optimal sparse samples
Z Xu, K Sunkavalli, S Hadap, R Ramamoorthi
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State of the art in hair simulation
N Magnenat-Thalmann, S Hadap, P Kalra
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High-quality hair modeling from a single portrait photo
M Chai, L Luo, K Sunkavalli, N Carr, S Hadap, K Zhou
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Deep view synthesis from sparse photometric images
Z Xu, S Bi, K Sunkavalli, S Hadap, H Su, R Ramamoorthi
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Deep single-image portrait relighting
H Zhou, S Hadap, K Sunkavalli, DW Jacobs
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Shape estimation from shading, defocus, and correspondence using light-field angular coherence
MW Tao, PP Srinivasan, S Hadap, S Rusinkiewicz, J Malik, ...
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Compositing images through light source detection
J Lopez-Moreno, S Hadap, E Reinhard, D Gutierrez
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Mt-vae: Learning motion transformations to generate multimodal human dynamics
X Yan, A Rastogi, R Villegas, K Sunkavalli, E Shechtman, S Hadap, ...
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Collision detection and proximity queries
S Hadap, D Eberle, P Volino, MC Lin, S Redon, C Ericson
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Fast spatially-varying indoor lighting estimation
M Garon, K Sunkavalli, S Hadap, N Carr, JF Lalonde
Proceedings of the IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern …, 2019
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