R. Morris Bullock
R. Morris Bullock
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A synthetic nickel electrocatalyst with a turnover frequency above 100,000 s− 1 for H2 production
ML Helm, MP Stewart, RM Bullock, MR DuBois, DL DuBois
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Beyond fossil fuel–driven nitrogen transformations
JG Chen, RM Crooks, LC Seefeldt, KL Bren, RM Bullock, ...
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Catalysis without precious metals
RM Bullock
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[Ni(PPh2NC6H4X2)2]2+ Complexes as Electrocatalysts for H2 Production: Effect of Substituents, Acids, and Water on Catalytic Rates
UJ Kilgore, JAS Roberts, DH Pool, AM Appel, MP Stewart, MR DuBois, ...
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RM Bullock
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RM Bullock, CP Casey
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RM Bullock
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A recyclable catalyst that precipitates at the end of the reaction
VK Dioumaev, RM Bullock
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Mechanistic Insights into Catalytic H2 Oxidation by Ni Complexes Containing a Diphosphine Ligand with a Positioned Amine Base
JY Yang, RM Bullock, WJ Shaw, B Twamley, K Fraze, MR DuBois, ...
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Hydrogen production using cobalt-based molecular catalysts containing a proton relay in the second coordination sphere
GM Jacobsen, JY Yang, B Twamley, AD Wilson, RM Bullock, MR DuBois, ...
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Toward benchmarking in catalysis science: best practices, challenges, and opportunities
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JAS Roberts, RM Bullock
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Metal-acetylide bonding in (. eta. 5-C5H5) Fe (CO) 2C. tplbond. CR compounds. Measures of metal-d. pi.-acetylide-. pi. interactions from photoelectron spectroscopy
DL Lichtenberger, SK Renshaw, RM Bullock
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Molecular electrocatalysts for the oxidation of hydrogen and the production of hydrogen–the role of pendant amines as proton relays
DL DuBois, RM Bullock
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Intramolecular hydrogen exchange among the coordinated methane fragments of Cp2W (H) CH3. Evidence for the formation of a. sigma. complex of methane prior to elimination
RM Bullock, CEL Headford, KM Hennessy, SE Kegley, JR Norton
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Studies of a series of [Ni (PR2NPh2) 2 (CH3CN)] 2+ complexes as electrocatalysts for H2 production: substituent variation at the phosphorus atom of the P2N2 ligand
UJ Kilgore, MP Stewart, ML Helm, WG Dougherty, WS Kassel, MR DuBois, ...
Inorganic chemistry 50 (21), 10908-10918, 2011
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