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Synthesis and characterization of novel antibacterial silver nanocomposite nanofiltration and forward osmosis membranes based on layer-by-layer assembly
X Liu, S Qi, Y Li, L Yang, B Cao, CY Tang
Water Research 47 (9), 3081-3092, 2013
Influence of monomer concentrations on the performance of polyamide-based thin film composite forward osmosis membranes
J Wei, X Liu, C Qiu, R Wang, CY Tang
Journal of Membrane Science 381 (1-2), 110-117, 2011
Superabsorbent Cryogels Decorated with Silver Nanoparticles as a Novel Water Technology for Point-of-Use Disinfection
SL Loo, AG Fane, TT Lim, WB Krantz, YN Liang, X Liu, X Hu
Environmental Science & Technology 47 (16), 9363-9371, 2013
Surface modification of thin film composite RO membrane for enhanced anti-biofouling performance
J Nikkola, X Liu, Y Li, M Raulio, HL Alakomi, J Wei, CY Tang
Journal of Membrane Science 444, 192-200, 2013
The impact of pH on floc structure characteristic of polyferric chloride in a low DOC and high alkalinity surface water treatment
B Cao, B Gao, X Liu, M Wang, Z Yang, Q Yue
Water Research 45 (18), 6181-6188, 2011
Influence of outer membrane c-type cytochromes on particle size and activity of extracellular nanoparticles produced by Shewanella oneidensis
CK Ng, K Sivakumar, X Liu, M Madhaiyan, L Ji, L Yang, CY Tang, H Song, ...
Biotechnology and Bioengineering 110 (7), 1831-1837, 2013
Fabrication and characterization of nanocomposite pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) membranes with excellent anti-biofouling property and enhanced water permeability
X Liu, LX Foo, Y Li, JY Lee, B Cao, CY Tang
Desalination 389, 137-148, 2016
Analyzing the Evolution of Membrane Fouling via a Novel Method Based on 3D Optical Coherence Tomography Imaging
W Li, X Liu, YN Wang, TH Chong, CY Tang, AG Fane
Environmental Science & Technology 50 (13), 6930-6939, 2016
Analyzing external and internal membrane fouling by oil emulsions via 3D optical coherence tomography
TA Trinh, W Li, Q Han, X Liu, AG Fane, JW Chew
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Synthesis and characterization of silica gel–polyacrylonitrile mixed matrix forward osmosis membranes based on layer-by-layer assembly
JY Lee, S Qi, X Liu, Y Li, F Huo, CY Tang
Separation and Purification Technology 124, 207-216, 2014
Bactericidal activity of silver nanoparticles in environmentally relevant freshwater matrices: Influences of organic matter and chelating agent
X Liu, X Jin, B Cao, CY Tang
Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering 2 (1), 525-531, 2014
Improved performance of gravity-driven membrane filtration for seawater pretreatment: Implications of membrane module configuration
B Wu, T Christen, HS Tan, F Hochstrasser, SR Suwarno, X Liu, TH Chong, ...
Water Research 114, 59-68, 2017
Effects of spacer orientations on the cake formation during membrane fouling: Quantitative analysis based on 3D OCT imaging
X Liu, W Li, TH Chong, AG Fane
Water Research 110, 1-14, 2017
Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy-Compatible Microfluidic Membrane Flow Cell as a Nondestructive Tool for Studying Biofouling Dynamics on Forward Osmosis Membranes
M Mukherjee, NV Menon, X Liu, Y Kang, B Cao
Environmental Science & Technology Letters 3 (8), 303-309, 2016
A network-based approach to interpreting pore blockage and cake filtration during membrane fouling
Q Han, W Li, TA Trinh, X Liu, JW Chew
Journal of Membrane Science 528, 112-125, 2017
Tailoring Polyamide Rejection Layer with Aqueous Carbonate Chemistry for Enhanced Membrane Separation: Mechanistic Insights, Chemistry-Structure-Property Relationship, and …
LE Peng, Z Yao, X Liu, B Deng, H Guo, CY Tang
Environmental science & technology 53 (16), 9764-9770, 2019
Effects of membrane morphology on the rejection of oil droplets: Theoretical analysis based on network modeling
Z Li, X Liu, G Chen, B Deng, W Li
Journal of Membrane Science 588, 117198, 2019
Unraveling the filmformation kinetics of interfacial polymerization via low coherence interferometry
W Li, X Liu, Z Li, AG Fane, B Deng
AIChE Journal, e16863, 2019
介孔 TiO2 纤维的制备及其光催化性能
包南, 张锋, 马志会, 刘鑫, 孙剑, 刘峰
化工环保 27 (3), 204-208, 2007
文章 1–19