Wei Xia
Wei Xia
Southern University of Science and Technology / University of Western Ontario
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Metal–organic frameworks and their derived nanostructures for electrochemical energy storage and conversion
W Xia#, A Mahmood#, R Zou*, Q Xu*
Energy & Environmental Science 8 (7), 1837-1866, 2015
Earthabundant nanomaterials for oxygen reduction
W Xia, A Mahmood, Z Liang, R Zou*, S Guo*
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (8), 2650-2676, 2016
A metal–organic framework route to in situ encapsulation of Co@ Co 3 O 4@ C core@ bishell nanoparticles into a highly ordered porous carbon matrix for oxygen reduction
W Xia, R Zou*, L An, D Xia, S Guo*
Energy & Environmental Science 8 (2), 568-576, 2015
Well-defined carbon polyhedrons prepared from nano metal–organic frameworks for oxygen reduction
W Xia, J Zhu, W Guo, L An, D Xia, R Zou*
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (30), 11606-11613, 2014
MetalOrganic FrameworkDerived HoneycombLike Open Porous Nanostructures as PreciousMetalFree Catalysts for Highly Efficient Oxygen Electroreduction
QL Zhu#, W Xia#, T Akita, R Zou*, Q Xu*
Advanced materials 28 (30), 6391-6398, 2016
Facile Synthesis of Ultrasmall CoS2 Nanoparticles within Thin NDoped Porous Carbon Shell for High Performance LithiumIon Batteries
Q Wang, R Zou*, W Xia, J Ma, B Qiu, A Mahmood, R Zhao, Y Yang, D Xia, ...
Small 11 (21), 2511-2517, 2015
High-performance energy storage and conversion materials derived from a single metal–organic framework/graphene aerogel composite
W Xia#, C Qu#, Z Liang, B Zhao, S Dai, B Qiu, Y Jiao, Q Zhang, X Huang, ...
Nano letters 17 (5), 2788-2795, 2017
Electro-and photodriven phase change composites based on wax-infiltrated carbon nanotube sponges
L Chen, R Zou*, W Xia, Z Liu, Y Shang, J Zhu, Y Wang, J Lin, D Xia, ...
ACS nano 6 (12), 10884-10892, 2012
Atomically dispersed Fe/N-doped hierarchical carbon architectures derived from a metal–organic framework composite for extremely efficient electrocatalysis
QL Zhu#, W Xia#, LR Zheng, R Zou*, Z Liu, Q Xu*
ACS Energy Letters 2 (2), 504-511, 2017
Facile preparation of hierarchically porous carbons from metal-organic gels and their application in energy storage
W Xia, B Qiu, D Xia, R Zou*
Scientific reports 3, 1935, 2013
Functional zeoliticimidazolateframeworktemplated porous carbon materials for CO2 capture and enhanced capacitors
Q Wang, W Xia, W Guo, L An, D Xia, R Zou*
Chemistry–An Asian Journal 8 (8), 1879-1885, 2013
Nanoconfinement of phase change materials within carbon aerogels: phase transition behaviours and photo-to-thermal energy storage
X Huang, W Xia, R Zou*
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (47), 19963-19968, 2014
Nanostructured electrode materials derived from metal–organic framework xerogels for high-energy-density asymmetric supercapacitor
A Mahmood, R Zou*, Q Wang, W Xia, H Tabassum, B Qiu, R Zhao
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (3), 2148-2157, 2016
Perovskite-Type LaSrMnO Electrocatalyst with Uniform Porous Structure for an Efficient Li–O2 Battery Cathode
Y Yang, W Yin, S Wu, X Yang, W Xia, Y Shen, Y Huang, A Cao*, Q Yuan*
ACS nano 10 (1), 1240-1248, 2015
Alkylated phase change composites for thermal energy storage based on surface-modified silica aerogels
X Huang#, Z Liu#, W Xia, R Zou*, RPS Han*
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Electro/photo to heat conversion system based on polyurethane embedded graphite foam
R Chen#, R Yao#, W Xia, R Zou*
Applied energy 152, 183-188, 2015
A pore-expansion strategy to synthesize hierarchically porous carbon derived from metal-organic framework for enhanced oxygen reduction
R Zhao, W Xia, C Lin, J Sun, A Mahmood, Q Wang, B Qiu, H Tabassum, ...
Carbon 114, 284-290, 2017
Hierarchical heteroaggregation of binary metal-organic gels with tunable porosity and mixed valence metal sites for removal of dyes in water
A Mahmood, W Xia, N Mahmood, Q Wang, R Zou*
Scientific reports 5, 10556, 2015
Platinfreie Nanomaterialien für die Sauerstoffreduktion
W Xia, A Mahmood, Z Liang, R Zou*, S Guo*
Angewandte Chemie 128 (8), 2698-2726, 2016
Pore size-controlled gases and alcohols separation within ultramicroporous homochiral lanthanide–organic frameworks
Z Lin, R Zou*, J Liang, W Xia, D Xia, Y Wang, J Lin, T Hu, Q Chen, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (16), 7813-7818, 2012
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