Zhiyong Cheng
Zhiyong Cheng
School of Computing, NUS
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Unsupervised Visual Hashing with Semantic Assistant for Content-Based Image Retrieval.
L Zhu, J Shen, L Xie, Z Cheng
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Just-for-me: An adaptive personalization system for location-aware social music recommendation
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Just-for-Me: An Adaptive Personalization System for Location-Aware Social Music Recommendation
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Aspect-Aware Latent Factor Model: Rating Prediction with Ratings and Reviews
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On Effective Location-Aware Music Recommendation
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Unsupervised topic hypergraph hashing for efficient mobile image retrieval
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A^3NCF: An Adaptive Aspect Attention Model for Rating Prediction.
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Exploiting Music Play Sequence for Music Recommendation
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Training binary multilayer neural networks for image classification using expectation backpropagation
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On Effective Personalized Music Retrieval by Exploring Online User Behaviors
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Which Information Sources are More Effective and Reliable in Video Search
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