Yue-Min Xie (谢跃民)
Yue-Min Xie (谢跃民)
South China University of Technology
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Pure Hydrocarbon Hosts for≈ 100% Exciton Harvesting in Both Phosphorescent and Fluorescent LightEmitting Devices
LS Cui, YM Xie, YK Wang, C Zhong, YL Deng, XY Liu, ZQ Jiang, LS Liao
Advanced Materials 27 (28), 4213-4217, 2015
Ultraviolet-ozone surface modification for non-wetting hole transport materials based inverted planar perovskite solar cells with efficiency exceeding 18%
X Xu, C Ma, Y Cheng, YM Xie, X Yi, B Gautam, S Chen, HW Li, CS Lee, ...
Journal of Power Sources 360, 157-165, 2017
18% HighEfficiency AirProcessed Perovskite Solar Cells Made in a Humid Atmosphere of 70% RH
Y Cheng, X Xu, Y Xie, HW Li, J Qing, C Ma, CS Lee, F So, SW Tsang
Solar RRL 1 (9), 1700097, 2017
Air-processed mixed-cation Cs 0.15 FA 0.85 PbI 3 planar perovskite solar cells derived from a PbI 2–CsI–FAI intermediate complex
X Xu, C Ma, YM Xie, Y Cheng, Y Tian, M Li, Y Ma, CS Lee, SW Tsang
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (17), 7731-7740, 2018
Impact of surface dipole in NiOx on the crystallization and photovoltaic performance of organometal halide perovskite solar cells
Y Cheng, M Li, X Liu, SH Cheung, HT Chandran, HW Li, X Xu, YM Xie, ...
Nano Energy 61, 496-504, 2019
Porphyrin-based thick-film bulk-heterojunction solar cells for indoor light harvesting
H Yin, S Chen, SH Cheung, HW Li, Y Xie, SW Tsang, X Zhu, SK So
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 6 (34), 9111-9118, 2018
Highly phosphorescent platinum (II) complexes based on rigid unsymmetric tetradentate ligands
XQ Zhang, YM Xie, Y Zheng, F Liang, B Wang, J Fan, LS Liao
Organic Electronics 32, 120-125, 2016
Flexible organic light emitting diodes fabricated on biocompatible silk fibroin substrate
Y Liu, Y Xie, Y Liu, T Song, KQ Zhang, L Liao, B Sun
Semiconductor Science and Technology 30 (10), 104004, 2015
Improving the conductivity of sol–gel derived NiO x with a mixed oxide composite to realize over 80% fill factor in inverted planar perovskite solar cells
M Li, X Xu, Y Xie, HW Li, Y Ma, Y Cheng, SW Tsang
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 7 (16), 9578-9586, 2019
Direct observation of cation-exchange in liquid-to-solid phase transformation in FA 1− x MA x PbI 3 based perovskite solar cells
YM Xie, B Yu, C Ma, X Xu, Y Cheng, S Yuan, ZK Wang, HT Chandran, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 6 (19), 9081-9088, 2018
Charge transfer-induced photoluminescence in ZnO nanoparticles
Y Ma, TW Choi, SH Cheung, Y Cheng, X Xu, YM Xie, HW Li, M Li, H Luo, ...
Nanoscale 11 (18), 8736-8743, 2019
An efficient organic–inorganic hybrid hole injection layer for organic light-emitting diodes by aqueous solution doping
YL Deng, YM Xie, L Zhang, ZK Wang, LS Liao
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 3 (24), 6218-6223, 2015
Microstructural and electrical properties of CuAlO2 ceramic prepared by a novel solvent-free ester elimination process
O Igbari, Y Xie, Z Jin, LS Liao
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 653, 219-227, 2015
Inverted and large flexible organic light-emitting diodes with low operating voltage
X Tang, L Ding, YQ Sun, YM Xie, YL Deng, ZK Wang, LS Liao
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 3 (48), 12399-12402, 2015
Efficient blue/white phosphorescent organic light-emitting diodes based on a silicon-based host material via a direct carbon–nitrogen bond
YM Xie, LS Cui, Y Liu, FS Zu, Q Li, ZQ Jiang, LS Liao
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 3 (20), 5347-5353, 2015
Comparison of processing windows and electronic properties between CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite fabricated by one-step and two-step solution processes
M Li, YM Xie, X Xu, Y Huo, SW Tsang, QD Yang, Y Cheng
Organic Electronics 63, 159-165, 2018
Aminoborane-based bipolar host material for blue and white-emitting electrophosphorescence devices
Q Sun, LS Cui, YM Xie, JJ Liang, Z Jiang, L Liao, MK Fung
Organic Electronics 48, 112-117, 2017
The Control of Conjugation Lengths and Steric Hindrance to Modulate AggregationInduced Emission with High Electroluminescence Properties and Interesting Optical Properties
MM Xue, YM Xie, LS Cui, XY Liu, XD Yuan, YX Li, ZQ Jiang, LS Liao
Chemistry–A European Journal 22 (3), 916-924, 2016
Revealing the crystallization process and realizing uniform 1.8 eV MA-based wide-bandgap mixed-halide perovskites via solution engineering
YM Xie, C Ma, X Xu, M Li, Y Ma, J Wang, HT Chandran, CS Lee, ...
Nano Research 12 (5), 1033-1039, 2019
Thermally activated delayed fluorescencebased tandem OLEDs with very high external quantum efficiency
C Huang, Y Xie, S Wu, S Li, J Liang, MK Fung
physica status solidi (a) 214 (10), 1700240, 2017
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