Daniel E. Perea
Daniel E. Perea
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Preparation of single-walled carbon nanotube reinforced polystyrene and polyurethane nanofibers and membranes by electrospinning
R Sen, B Zhao, D Perea, ME Itkis, H Hu, J Love, E Bekyarova, RC Haddon
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JE Allen, ER Hemesath, DE Perea, JL Lensch-Falk, ZY Li, F Yin, MH Gass, ...
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Purity evaluation of as-prepared single-walled carbon nanotube soot by use of solution-phase near-IR spectroscopy
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Comparison of analytical techniques for purity evaluation of single-walled carbon nanotubes
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Three-dimensional nanoscale composition mapping of semiconductor nanowires
DE Perea, JE Allen, SJ May, BW Wessels, DN Seidman, LJ Lauhon
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Demonstration of an electrochemical liquid cell for operando transmission electron microscopy observation of the lithiation/delithiation behavior of Si nanowire battery anodes
M Gu, LR Parent, BL Mehdi, RR Unocic, MT McDowell, RL Sacci, W Xu, ...
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S Niyogi, MA Hamon, DE Perea, CB Kang, B Zhao, SK Pal, AE Wyant, ...
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Nonuniform nanowire doping profiles revealed by quantitative scanning photocurrent microscopy
JE Allen, DE Perea, ER Hemesath, LJ Lauhon
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Relative influence of surface states and bulk impurities on the electrical properties of Ge nanowires
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Electronic Origin for the Phase Transition from Amorphous LixSi to Crystalline Li15Si4
M Gu, Z Wang, JG Connell, DE Perea, LJ Lauhon, F Gao, C Wang
ACS nano 7 (7), 6303-6309, 2013
Determining the location and nearest neighbours of aluminium in zeolites with atom probe tomography
DE Perea, I Arslan, J Liu, Z Ristanović, L Kovarik, BW Arey, JA Lercher, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 1-8, 2015
Controlling heterojunction abruptness in VLS-grown semiconductor nanowires via in situ catalyst alloying
DE Perea, N Li, RM Dickerson, A Misra, ST Picraux
Nano letters 11 (8), 3117-3122, 2011
Role of photoexcitation and field ionization in the measurement of accurate oxide stoichiometry by laser-assisted atom probe tomography
A Devaraj, R Colby, WP Hess, DE Perea, S Thevuthasan
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Three-dimensional nanoscale characterisation of materials by atom probe tomography
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Bending-induced symmetry breaking of lithiation in germanium nanowires
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Tomographic analysis of dilute impurities in semiconductor nanostructures
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Identification of an intrinsic source of doping inhomogeneity in vapor–liquid–solid-grown nanowires
JG Connell, KH Yoon, DE Perea, EJ Schwalbach, PW Voorhees, ...
Nano letters 13 (1), 199-206, 2013
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