María Óskarsdóttir
María Óskarsdóttir
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The value of big data for credit scoring: Enhancing financial inclusion using mobile phone data and social network analytics
M Óskarsdóttir, C Bravo, C Sarraute, J Vanthienen, B Baesens
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Social network analytics for churn prediction in telco: Model building, evaluation and network architecture
M Óskarsdóttir, C Bravo, W Verbeke, C Sarraute, B Baesens, ...
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A comparative study of social network classifiers for predicting churn in the telecommunication industry
M Óskarsdóttir, C Bravo, W Verbeke, C Sarraute, B Baesens, ...
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Time series for early churn detection: Using similarity based classification for dynamic networks
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Profit-based model selection for customer retention using individual customer lifetime values
M Óskarsdóttir, B Baesens, J Vanthienen
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Changes in mobility patterns in Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic: Novel insights using open source data
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Closing the gap between experts and novices using analytics-as-a-service: an experimental study
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Impact of US vaccination strategy on COVID-19 wave dynamics
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The Future of Sleep Measurements: A Review and Perspective
ES Arnardottir, AS Islind, M Óskarsdóttir
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Evolution of credit risk using a personalized pagerank algorithm for multilayer networks
C Bravo, M Óskarsdóttir
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Credit scoring for good: Enhancing financial inclusion with smartphone-based microlending
M Óskarsdóttir, C Bravo, C Sarraute, B Baesens, J Vanthienen
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Fraud detection of bulk cargo theft in port using bayesian network models
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Automated Analytics: The Organizational Impact of Analytics-as-a-Service
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Deep learning for credit scoring: Do or don’t?
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Evaluation of customer behavior with temporal centrality metrics for churn prediction of prepaid contracts
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Social network analytics for supervised fraud detection in insurance
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You better watch out: US COVID-19 wave dynamics versus vaccination strategy
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Multilayer network analysis for improved credit risk prediction
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Introduction to the Minitrack on Learning Analytics
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Interaction with Medical Venues in Megacities
M Óskarsdóttir, AS Íslind
Digital Personalized Health and Medicine, 996-1000, 2020
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